America, Found And Lost By Charles C. Mann Essay examples

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In “America, Found and Lost”, Charles C. Mann writes, “With its plantations, tobacco fields, and rolling meadows, the landscape of the Chesapeake Bay had been utterly transformed. It looked more like England than it had when Jamestown began, but it wasn’t all the same. Four centuries ago, the English didn’t discover a New World -- they created one.” Throughout the article, Mann gives examples of how the colonists adapted their surroundings to fit their needs and created a new world in the process.
First off, Mann writes about the worms. Before settlers came to America, there weren’t any worms present on the landscape in New England or the Midwest. However, whether through the ballast of ships carrying tobacco or along with the many other organisms the colonists brought with them, worms became a part of the ecosystem. Litter was piled up in the forests of the East Coast, but once these worms were introduced the litter soon diminished. As explained, the forest became open and dry. “These creatures literally changed the ground beneath the Indian’s feet” meaning the life the colonists brought with them began to change America before they even had a chance to make a large impact on the land.
Towards the end of the James River, where the colonists first set themselves up, the water was potable only part of the year, and some of the dirtiest water in the river. “Sediments and organic waste from the head of the river got trapped at the saltwater boundary” which was right about…

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