Allusion Project : `` Natural `` Essay

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Allusion Project: “Natural” Keats John Keats was a Romantic poet who wrote primarily about the natural world around him (something of which he was heavily criticized for) and did so while alluding to many Greek myths and religious speculations. Keats took the criticism as fuel for his overall determination for success in the poetic world. Dying at the age of twenty-five, he was only able to write for six short years, yet these six years gained him the venerability he so rightly deserved. Throughout his three volumes of poetry, Keats primarily alluded to one central concept: nature. As a Romantic poet, his passion for this was so clearly and consistently made, providing allusions in nearly all of his work. It is because of his appreciation and desire for nature that the connection between old material and new art is so easily made. Keats’s past is indicative of how his future self came to be. When Keats was a young boy, his father died after falling off of a horse, leaving his five brothers and himself battling the constant struggle of poverty. A few years later his mother died as well, leaving him with only his will for success and his love for literature to carry him through the rest of his (short) life. His teachers supported and encouraged his passion for reading and because of this he continued to practice it all throughout his childhood and evidently into adulthood. At the beginning of his career, Keats dedicated himself to the world and all of its’ natural beauty.…

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