Allen Ginsberg's Howl And Other Poems

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(Story of His Life)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write a poem about your life? Well, a

famous poet named Allen Ginsberg did just that when he wrote, "Howl and Other Poems" which

became famous of his time and continue on till today. Allen Ginsberg’s famous poem, "Howl

and Other Poems" conveys and portrays a message to an audience in which modern poetry and

the Beat Movement on American literature was raw and revealing about the political and social

views such as war, sexuality, and drugs.

Allen Ginsberg was born in Newark, NJ, in 1926, he suffered an emotionally troubled

childhood because of the traumatic event he encountered after World War I. (Ginsberg, A.,

"Howl and Other Poems," page 7) Many of his poems,
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I feel like Ginsberg had lost control of his own behaviors and feelings that it had an

impact and affected his own personal matter and life while writing his famous poem, "Howl and

Other Poems."

For my own understanding of Part I of "Howl and Other Poems" in which I was assigned

to analyze and interpret Lines 36-39. I learned that it would be a challenge because this would be

my first time analyzing and interpreting a poem. For instance in Lines 36, "who let themselves

be f***** in the a** by saintly motorcyclists, and screamed with joy," in which in my opinion,

they had sex with motorcyclists and love it while Ginsberg used religious language to portray

and refer motorcyclists as being saintly and used sensors to convey the message. In line 37, "who

blew and were blown by those human seraphim, the sailors, caresses of Atlantic and Caribbean

love," in which my opinion, it's more on a sexuality level because not only did they had sex with

motorcyclists, there were exchanging oral sex with sailors who were on leave while in Line 38,

"who balled in the morning in the evening in rose gardens and grass of public parks

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