All The Light We Can Not See Essay

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Imagine the electromagnetic waves from phones, computers and radios that surround all around us. No one see them but people know that they are there and that they affect everyone. Society has the same power on everyone. It 's not something that people can see but something that is felt. The feeling in the atmosphere quickly changed in the book All The Light We Cannot See when World War II broke out. People did what they had to in order to survive. All The Light We Cannot see is a book about a teenage orphan boy named Werner Pfennig who is growing up during Nazi regime. His brilliance allows for him to be inducted to an advanced Nazi school where he is later forced into military service. Before and during the war Germany in particular committed nefarious crimes against humanity in which Werner was a part. In poor economic times, the German people were molded by financial shortcomings into destructive machines. Through intimidation, slogans, and rallies the Nazi party was able to gain control of Germany. Hitler and the Nazi party were able to blind its citizens into believing whatever they wanted to. Germany was successful in blinding its citizens when it used collectivism, value of life and hatred as tools for manipulation. This enabled the citizens of Germany to participate in immoral acts. Yet, even after Nazi Germany was defeated, the practice of blinding citizens continued. That is, the way that the USSR used its citizens during the cold war was a rhyme to how Nazi…

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