All Nations By Marcus Rediker Essay

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Pirates and Property Property is defined as a thing or things belonging to someone. How can we recognize that something belongs to someone? Historians often try to define and create a way to measure the value and legitimacy of property ownership. The legitimacy of property ownership issue didn’t become prominent until the Pirates of the 18th century came into play. According to the state, property value began to diminish after criminal groups such as the pirates began to steal property in the 1700’s. The legitimacy of property ownership cannot be recognized in cases that involve criminal means to obtain it, only through labor can legitimacy be measured.
The book Villians of All Nations, by Marcus Rediker explores the social world of pirates during the Golden Age (1716-1726) and the reason ordinary citizens became pirates. In the opening chapter, William Fly a pirate about to be hung for his crimes committed at sea. Before his life as a pirate he was an ordinary sailor who sailed to Africa with Captain John Green in April 1726. Fly collaborated with the other sailors onboard and worked to overthrow the captain because of his abusive and unfair treatment. After overthrowing the ship, Fly and his crew decide to become pirates and rename themselves Fames Revenge. William Fly’s trial with the state is shown when “He showed no guilt, no shame… did not ask for forgiveness, did not praise the authorities… “(Rediker 1-2) This illustrates the relationship between pirates and the…

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