Alice in Wonderland - Banned books Essay

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Mayez Travis
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Alice In Wonderland is Redeemed!

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was first imagined in 1862 and is considered to be a literary classic. Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) was a mathematician and Reverend of the Christ Church University. During a 5 mile boat ride with three young girls he made up the story to keep them entertained. One of the girls, named Alice, asked him to write the story down for her. He made her a book, complete with illustrations and from that Alice in Wonderland was born. Despite its simple beginnings and seemingly innocent meanings, four decades later the book began being challenged for multiple reasons, and joined the banned books list. When the first of these absurd
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"That Alice was based on a child that Carroll knew adds yet another layer of interest, or suspicion, depending on how you look at it." (BBC News Magazine, August 2012) During the time when Carroll lived it was not uncommon for photo's to be taken of children as he did, nor was it uncommon for a church representative to be caring for young girls.

The Chinese believe that animals are below humans and have less significant worth. They were concerned that the personification of animals would make children believe humans and animals had the same value. There forth leading children down a wrongful path.

The belief that there are hidden references promoting drug use came about when the 'War on Drugs' was just getting traction. "The notion that the surreal aspects of the text are the consequence of drug-fueled dreams resonates with a culture, particularly perhaps in the 60s, 70s and 80s when LSD was widely-circulated and even now where recreational drugs are commonplace," says Worthington. Also feeding into this theory is the knowledge that LSD was commonly used in the era when the story was developed and the perception that began in the 60's of those that used drugs. However, there is no evidence of use by the author.

Alice in Wonderland was created to entertain three young girls and published to

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