Essay on Agriculture And Hunting For Food

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Several consider agriculture to be the worst mistake in human history because of sexual inequality, health issues, increase of population, and new authority. Although, I do not agree with the statement because I cannot imagine our society in 2016 hunting for food. Therefore, is important to clarify several points regarding agricultural and hunter-gathers to why the increase of population, the health problems, and the socializations time.

At the beginning of human existents, people developed the technique of hunting and gathering because that’s how they supported themselves at that time. “Hunter-gatherers, sometimes called foragers, lived in small groups, large enough to defend themselves and divide tasks yet small enough not to exhaust food supplies within walking distance” (Brown, 2012). At the beginning of a child’s life, they could play while the mother would cook the food, but as they got older they could help out with collecting seeds and hunting lizards and frogs. Whereas, kids who grew up living in a farm they would assist their parents by working in the fields. The hunter-gatherers did not have much time to socialize because they were hunting most of the time in order to provide food for their community.

Unlike the farmers where they work long a hour too, but they had more time to socialize with their families. The duty men did was hunt and to create tools to facilitate their hunting, for example; spears, bows, and arrows, whereas the women were in charge of…

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