Essay on African Americans 's Educational Needs

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African Americans once had educational needs. These needs were created and issued because of the low amount of rights they had. “In 1837 26 years before the end of slavery. Richard Humphreys, a Quaker philanthropist, founded the Institute for Colored Youth to train free blacks to become teachers” (Coleman, n.d., para.3). Blacks were trained so HBCU’s can be created. It wasn’t until 1954 that schools were created equal all because of Brown vs. Board of Education. HBCU’s were the only option for African Americans to attend school to earn a degree. “In each town where a black college grew up its faculty and students were, with the preachers, viewed by the nearby residents with pride” (Coleman, n.d., para.6). Colleges and universities were established for those who had the desire to receive a good education. Donna White-Cook clarifies, “HBCU’s are a primary source of postsecondary education for economically disadvantaged African American students” (2008, para.1).
The colleges and universities were called, Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It was know surprise that blacks were denied to attend any college, institute or university. This process was quite normal. Because of this issue, HBCU’s became an option for African Americans, which provided the education they needed to succeed. Today, HBCU’s still exist. The law has brought down the barriers and it is still a big part of American higher education. During the time period of the civil, it is known…

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