African American Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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Through a shift in the United States Democracy in the 1800’s, the idea of slavery was transformed. Although the idea for freedom had always been a major focal point for all slaves, the actuality of making it legal was a new determination. For an African American woman like Sojourner Truth, a former slave, becoming an active participant in this fight for abolition was her life goal. As religious reform and anti-slavery feminism movements began in the 1840’s, so did Truth’s career as being one of the most influential African American women of the 19th century. Sojourner Truth vigorously affected the women’s rights and abolition movements through her affluent preachings while traveling and her bold stature as a self-made abolitionist/women’s activist, which all later influenced her efforts to gain more freedom for slaves and women throughout the Civil War and future years.
Although Truth had confidence in her exquisite life as a traveling preacher for women’s rights and abolitionism, her style of preaching allowed her to gain respect and notability from crowds of skeptics. She traveled and preached the truth and cold hard facts on the issue of social injustice. Truth thought of herself as a reminder to all those people who would wander away or ignore the issue (Ortiz 67). She was able to gain strength on her journey because she was known as “God 's messenger” (Washington). Since Truth had an enormous amount of self-assurance to possess the truth, she expressed no sign of…

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