Accounting Fraud And Lessons From The Recent Scandal Essay

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Giroux, G. (2008). What Went Wrong? Accounting Fraud and Lessons from the Recent Scandals. 75(4), 1205-1238. Retrieved from 972113 In this Journal, The author uses binding sources to display the accurate reason behind the collapse of Enron. Throughout the article the authors references many major scandals that has took place with in the same time period as Enron, for example Global crossing, WorldCom, Tyco, west, Major Banks, and Prosperous hedge funds. Enron has always been known for falsifying financial information on their balance sheet, Income statement, Statement of retains earning but this article displays the reasoning behind that. Enron has been involved in many issues causing them to lose valuable assets. To prevent losing investors trust Enron has falsifying financial information on their Statements of financial position. Through Out this Journal the author states an important section that is strictly dedicated to the manipulation and fraud that Enron has been accused of throughout the years. In the Process of writing my Research paper I feel that this article would lay the foundation of what Enron really did and what caused them to do it.
Healy, P., & Palepu, K. (2003). The fall of Enron. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 17(2), 3-26. Retrieved from In this Journal, The author focuses only on the decimation of Enron. The author does so by linking back to Enron far before the…

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