Essay on Abraham Lincoln And Frederick Douglass

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Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were alike in many ways, especially on how to end slavery. One devoted his life’s work to the abolition of slavery in America and to becoming the leader of the many African people. The other became the President of United States whose sole reason for starting the Civil War (1861-1865) was to preserve the national unity and later led to the abolition of slavery in America. Two men with the difference in political position have nothing in common at first. And yet, form a relationship like no other relationship has ever impacted the future of race relations in the United States more than that of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Never once had they meet each other personally until the Emancipation Proclamation (January 1, 1863). But their relationship up to that point was defined by their correspondence through public addresses, letters, and newspapers. Even during the war years, Douglass and Lincoln had a tenuous relationship that fluctuated according to Lincoln’s changing policies. Douglass’s sentiments toward Lincoln at first went from a cautious support in 1860 to complete outrage in 1861, and finally respectful admiration in 1863. However, at the end, the two men of different backgrounds, public roles, and philosophies came into appreciate the power and purpose
Abraham Lincoln at the very beginning have never supported the institution of slavery. He was someone who expressed publicly and privately about his dislike in…

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