Essay about A Woman 's Journey From Childhood Into Adulthood

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This book is a true story about a woman’s journey from childhood into adulthood and coming to terms with Schizophrenia. Louise Gillett, a married mother of four children has been in and out of mental hospitals since her teenage years. She is a writer who have not published anything until now. Diagnosed with a mental illness, she faced shame and embarrassment and hid the disease for years from family and friends. Her story begins with her waking up in a mental hospital after having a psychotic episode and being incoherent. Louise is in her twenties, and have not long been married. She feels that she was admitted against her will but her family is aware of her illness and admitted her after her first nervous breakdown. She was giving strong sedatives during her three month stay and encountered many different people while at St. Anne’s hospital. The one person who visited everyday was her mother who never talked just sat close to her bedside.
The chapters takes you back in time to what Louise feels is the start of her illness, although she contributes her illness on her smoking dope during her teenage years, her behavior was erratic in her pre- adolescence years and just kept getting worse. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father was verbally abusive to them. She mentions the time when she was eight years old, that she got tire of her father making her eat all her dinner every night and stabbed him in the leg. He just started laughing which made her feel angrier. When her…

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