A Viewer 's Bias A Plagiarist 's Success Essay

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A Viewer 's Bias a Plagiarist 's Success

As an artist myself I want to thank you. Thank you for being my watcher, my listener, or even just my viewer. Seriously without you, what would be the point of this article? or art in general? If there is none of you to experience it.

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer" Ansel Adams, Photographer

Normally you may think it 's the viewer who has the luxury of picking apart the mind of the artist in the safety of the gallery, "The dark value over that represents this... The line eludes to that….", but it is actually the artist who does the thorough observing. Some artists seek for clues to evoke stronger emotions, more powerful reactions, while other artists may observe for less than honorable reasons.

I am one of many art students who has tried not to impale some 15th-century duke 's portrait with their foldable stool--their sketchbook open and pencil moving--as they skillfully drew/stumbled through a gallery.

According to Vivian East, a retired TDSB Art Teacher and founder of Free Hand School of Art, "gathering inspiration from observing and even referencing other artists is a natural course for a student as they practice their technique and try to develop their own style".

But some students and artists choose the route of using an already realized formula of another artist 's successful composition to gain recognition. In response to a question I asked about being plagiarized…

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