A Utopia Of The World By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Essay

784 Words Jan 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyone has their own world in their mind, and in their mind, an ideal world exists, which called, ‘Utopia.’ In “Harrison Bergeron,” the short fiction written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., equality forms the utopia for the most of the people. They can live without discouragement and frustration from being different, but it brings tragic results to human beings. This story implies that to achieve a utopia of the world, it should not formed with the equality of people’s abilities; it needs to be accept differences between people, and not limits others’ innate talents. Handicaps, ballerinas, and Hazel are three evidences that show how ‘too much equality’ ruins human society by no freedom and regression. Handicap is the biggest symbol of limiting the one’s ability, and in the literature, it comes out frequently, represents it is the strongest symbol which makes society destroy and decline. Handicaps mean, there are no freedom to people, and it makes big different, because there are people, who controls other people, who don’t have any power to resist. It’s make the difference in the social status, and lead to the decline of the world progression. In the story, handicaps make the utterly equal world by legislate law about wearing handicaps, and people are kept under control of agents of the United States Handicapper General (724). People afraid about the others’ abilities which overwhelm other ordinary people’s abilities, they make three kinds of handicaps for a beauty, intelligence,…

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