A Study On Substance Abuse Disorder Essay

1087 Words Sep 20th, 2015 null Page
When I first saw this assignment on the syllabus I wondered what I should do. After several discussions with friends I discovered I had several choices. I could give up caffeine (but none of my friends would be around me), I could give up Facebook, but I don’t think that would really bother me, I could also give up Netflix, but that wouldn’t really bother me either. After much consideration if I really wanted an experience that would mimic a substance abuse disorder I had to give up chocolate.
The experiment started off easily enough. I decided to give up chocolate. Luckily enough I did not have any chocolate in my room to get rid of. I was given a brilliant piece of advice, and that was to find something to replace chocolate with. For the first multiple days I replaced chocolate with fruit. That worked until I ran out of fruit on day four. On 9/8, eight days into the project, there was a student organization passing out chocolate in founders’ hall. I had to pass this group three times, and each time I explained that I was doing an abstinence project for this class and it would be fantastic if they would stop shoving the chocolate in my face. I am pleased to say that I said no to the chocolate all three times. Today, 9/9 I knew that because today is an anniversary full of mixed emotions abstinence might be difficult to achieve. It is just past noon and I have made it this far, but I have not left my chocolate free room much. I survived 9/9, and while I stared at my…

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