Essay on A Study On Family Birth Order

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May I have disagree with author Lisa Lombardi on some points mentioned in her article? She builds up her opinions of the psychologist Kevin Leman study. However, there are many points might corresponding with characterized my family birth order. There are some differences in the personal composition from person to person. Kevin Leman classifications have different to some extent from my family birth order. Theoretically, Kevin Leman ideas has cannot adopt as a measure of the characters that be classified in birth order. All the presidents of the United States are the oldest sons that does not mean it is a theory; it may be no more than a coincidence. According the birth order for my family, I attempt to analysis their personalities compared with what came in the article. My oldest brother, his name Majid and my middle sister, her name Sajida and I am the youngest child in my family. Each one of us has differences characters in particular, but we participate in many characteristics. Those common characteristics are almost cannot be distinguished from each other in terms of management, leadership, planning, and other attributes. As I burn in eastern traditions, the oldest brother has forced to be a leader and planner at the same time. Through the birth order, the oldest child shall be bears a large part of the family responsibilities. Fathers in our tradition teach their oldest son’s on how to receive guests and welcoming them. Also, follow up the family’s…

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