Essay on A Study On Data Collection Procedure

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Data Collection Procedure: In order to conduct this study, each student was provided a consent form to be signed by their parents and a demographic questionnaire (Appendices A&B ), which revealed that they had no prior exposure to the French language, and that all “of them had lived and studied Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country for a period ranging from” (Achard & Niemer, 2004, p.21), five to ten years. Additionally, the questionnaire revealed that the participants have been in the United States between six and ten years. Of the thirty-four participants, thirteen of their parents are high school graduates from their native countries who did not continue on to college, and the twenty-one others did not go beyond eighth grade, even though they “value and respect education” (according to a student). The questionnaire also revealed that all of the participants were bilingual and were currently learning French as their third language. All participants are taking French for the first time and have not had access to the songs.
The following is the data procedure for the experimental group which was taught using French songs to teach target vocabulary on September 22nd, 24th, and 26th, 2014.
On September 22nd, as the students were entering the classroom, I greeted them by saying bonjour. I went over the lesson objectives and explained to them that they were going to learn how to count from 1 through 20 in French. I also explained that they were going to take a pretest on the…

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