A Standard Cost Is More Accurate Than A Budgeted Cost?

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d. all of these. 43. Which of the following statements is false?
a. A standard cost is more accurate than a budgeted cost.
b. A standard is a unit amount.
c. In concept, standards and budgets are essentially the same.
d. The standard cost of a product is equivalent to the budgeted cost per unit of product. 44. Budget data are not journalized in cost accounting systems with the exception of
a. the application of manufacturing overhead.
b. direct labor budgets.
c. direct materials budgets.
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cash budget data. 45. It is possible that a company's financial statements may report inventories at
a. budgeted costs.
b. standard costs.
c. both budgeted and standard costs.
d. none of these. 46. A standard differs from a budget because a standard
a. is a predetermined cost.
b. contributes to management planning and control.
c. is a unit amount.
d. none of the above; a standard does not differ from a budget.

47. Marburg Co. expects direct materials cost of $6 per unit for 100,000 units (a total of $600,000 of direct materials costs). Marburg’s standard direct materials cost and budgeted direct materials cost is Standard Budgeted
a. $6 per unit $600,000 per year
b. $6 per unit $6 per unit
c. $600,000 per year $6 per unit
d. $600,000 per year $600,000 per year 48. Using standard costs
a. makes employees less “cost-conscious.”
b. provides a basis for evaluating cost control.
c. makes management by exception more difficult.
d. increases clerical costs.

49. Using standard

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