A Research Study On Child Rearing Essay

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Anthropology is an area of study that has been present throughout history and has always played a large roll in the understanding and studying of different cultures and societies. One accredited anthropologist is Dorothy Lee. Lee is recognized in this paper for the discovery and evaluation of the themes being discussed as well as the culture being examined. The key social problem that the reading discusses is the lack of individual choice in Western culture specifically evaluating other cultures and expressing how they solve this issue as well as prevent it from happening. The Sikh culture in this reading is responsible for giving an example to one of the main themes Lee discusses. A main theme that Lee discusses is child rearing also known as parenting. The examined Sikh culture is used as an example for the child-rearing theme. The Sikh cultural example is an older brother giving his baby brother a toy car. What was interesting to the person observing this situation was that the child did not show the baby what to do with the car, he simply placed it in front of him and let him do as he wishes and explore the toy on his own. In this paper, I will be discussing the Sikh example as the cultural example for one of the themes Lee examines to be a possible solution to the key social problem; as well as discussing the autonomy, social structure, and respect of the Sikh exemplar.

Looking into the autonomy of this example it is evident that self determination is important for…

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