A Report On The Company Essay

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1. Name and situation of the company

The company I decided to describe is called "Lisieckie Smaki". Lisieckie Smaki are shops which are situated in bigger shopping centers such as CH Plejada Sosnowiec, CH Dąbrówka Katowice, CH Belg Katowice. The origin country is Poland. 2. Sdf
Shops specialize in retail of traditional food with a particular focus on ecological food. Company exists for almost 15 years. 3. Describe the job the company is supplied with products from domestic suppliers and most of them are delivered by producers from the surrounding area. Goods are being delivered in small quantities, but very often (basically every day) which guarantees product freshness and high turnover. 4. Cost The cost of the company are mainly:
-rents for commercial space,
- fuel,
- electricity,
- salaries,
- purchase,
- renewal of fixed assets
Salary consists of base salary plus an allowance for overtime. Workers in addition are able to acquire monthly bonuses during periods of increased trade (especially during holiday periods)

6. Budgeting Effective management of business entity relies on implementing long-term plans and assumptions made by management of the company through appropriately selected methods and tools. However, the activities that accompany the decision-making process include various spheres of activity of the entity and it happens that managers take sovereign decisions that only they believe are best for the entire organization. The budgeting process…

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