A Reflection On Emotion Management Essay

1046 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 null Page
Emotion management is a daily routine for almost everyone; we are constantly told to hide our emotions, told to wear masks to hide what we really feel. Everyone memorizes cultural scripts we all follow in order to maintain social norms that make emotions easier for everyone to deal with. Because emotion management is so significant, many sociological schools of thought examine this phenomenon. Even though emotion management is under the feminist theory in the textbook and all the major theories can explain emotion management quite well, the symbolic interactionist theory better explains this concept. Symbolic interactionism exhibits how emotion management involves understanding symbols, adopting roles, and connecting symbols and roles to take part in role playing, thereby explaining how emotion management assists communication.
If asked, anyone would be able to give an example of a time they participated in emotion management because it is so common in our society. I know I manage my emotions many times per day, every day. One such example that has helped me to better understand what emotion management really means is the first time I ever went to a funeral home to attend a funeral service for my father’s friend’s father. I had not once seen, or even heard of, this man, and yet my parents urged me to join them to pay our respects to his family. At the funeral home, my family and I were surrounded by people with swollen, damp eyes, experiencing confusing feelings…

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