Essay about A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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“Immodest Analyzation” As a young adult starting to become more informed about politics; poverty and starvation has always been a key issue because it’s always been around. Jonathan Swift in a “A Modest Proposal” addresses this issue. The way he addresses it and the solution he has for it is very immodest. Which explains why this work is a satire. His reasoning and explanations further the irony and ridicule this work contains. Jonathon Swift per The Norton Anthology English Literature, devoted his own to politics and religion, and most works were written to further specific causes. This most likely led him to write ‘A Modest Proposal” because of the poverty and starvation that took place during England. His solution is bold, satiric, and strangely advantageous. His plans seem cruel but if it is viewed without knowing that the benefits would be at the cost of infant’s life’s than England would comply.
Swifts plan to use the infants from poor mothers as food is very distasteful. Today eating a human or even proposing a plan to do so would be highly frowned upon and not taken seriously. Jonathon wrote “A Modest Proposal” not to be taken seriously, but make England realize that nothing is being done about the problems that are growing, like hunger and poverty. In the Norton Anthology English Literature Book it says “Like the prose, it is predominately satiric in purpose, though most often written less to divert than to agitate the reader” (Greenblatt 1056) which reconfirms…

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