Essay on A Long Lost Cousin Of Mine, Jimmy, And His Mother

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Research Paper I wrote about a long lost cousin of mine, Jimmy, and his mother, Willy. I went to my grandma Bonnies house to talk to her about this family story. Willy was born into a massive family. She had eight siblings, but only two are talked about; Maylene and Gladys. This story takes place after the Great Depression. Willy was hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown. Her husband signed their kids to the State of Michigan, because he couldn’t take care of them. When Willy was released she found out her children were in foster care and her husband died. She found her children and would visit them frequently. All of a sudden she stopped visiting her children and no one knew where she went. She disappeared. Her family searched for her everywhere. They even hired a private detective to search for her, but there were no leads. How can someone just disappear? Did she leave on purpose?
Lovell, Lexy, and Michael Uys. "Riding the Rails." American Experience. WGBH Educational Foundation, 2013. Web. 4 Nov. 2016.
I wanted to know if it was common to leave your family and get away after the Great Depression. “Some Americans left their homes to escape poverty or troubled families.” I learned many people would hop on trains to get away, but it was very dangerous and illegal to do so. The people running away wanted a better life. Most adults and teens became hobos, because they had nowhere to go and no money.

In 2009, Maylene’s oldest granddaughter, Stacey, started searching on…

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