A Leader Of The Soviet Union Essay

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After centuries of neglect from the various Tsars, the common people of Russia successfully revolted against sovereign rule and established a new government, one that was intended to be for the working class. Spearheaded by Vladimir Lenin, Russia became the first Communist country, giving equal rights to all (including women) and distributing property evenly amongst peasants. Lenin was praised by the people of Russia for being a man that focused on the common good of all and had the best interests of the working class at heart. After his death, Joseph Stalin inherited the title as the leader of the Soviet Union. Though he was expected to carry out Lenin’s efforts and help keep Russia a communist nation, he instead ruled as a ruthless dictator, who punished anyone who crossed him. He developed a cult of personality by censoring the mass media and commissioning artwork and writings that glorified him as a leader. Despite Stalin’s brutal style of leadership, his name and image was praised ubiquitously across the Soviet Union due to the cult of personality that he created, which was exemplified by writers such as A.O Avidenko in his poem Hymn to Stalin.
One of the ways that Stalin broadcasted his image across the Soviet Union was through artwork. He created schools where artists and writers could receive training, and then commissioned works from these artists that portrayed him as an all-powerful leader. A.O. Avidennko was one such recipient of an arts education through…

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