A Connection Between Edna And Her Awakening Essay

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Throughout this book, there are many examples of different kind of awakenings, starting off with Edna awakening herself as an artist when she begins her painting career, here realization that she appreciates the music up to the point until she wakens to kind herself unfulfilled. Edna is not only waking up to understand herself as a human beings, and a woman who is not happy in a mans world he also awakens herself as a sexual being. For this essay I am going to focus on the stages that Edna has gone through in order to find her independence, and her struggle against society. There is a deeper meaning in this story and a number of important symbols that make a connection between Edna and her awakening in a mans world. In the society which this book takes place there are many strict behaviors that women are not allowed to take part in. Edna seems to be caught between her desire to become independent and have freedom, rather than be a mother and housewife. In this book, Edna is fighting her way though a social structure of motherhood that forces her to be defined as the wife of Leonce Pontellier and mother of Roul and Etenne Ponteller. Instead of Edna being her own independent person she is the “property” so to say about her husband and the maid and housekeeper to her children. She has ran herself Martin 2 into a runt until she just can not stand it anymore, and wants to break free. The title of this book “The Awakening” is a phrase that symbolically describes what…

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