Essay about A Child 's Right And Die

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A child’s right to die. To some that seems quite morbid and unethical, but to others it is an ethical thing to do. This process of euthanasia involves giving a child a chance to end their life. To qualify for this opportunity a child must be terminally ill, experiencing pain, close to death, understands the consequences of this decision, and must have parents’ and medical staff consent. With all these steps followed, some individuals are still opposed to this idea because of it being immoral. Some individuals don’t believe that a child is capable of deciding whether they want to die or not. Ethically, this raises some issues because of the chance of harm being done to the child. To some this is actually considered murder which is not ethical at all. Is it really fair for a child who may not be thinking logically and is young to make such a big decision concerning their lives? Are there also other options such as painkillers to help the process become easy for the child that is in pain? The benefit involved in this is that this law is allowing children to exercise autonomy. The child is making personal decisions on their own free will and no one can’t take that away. With this situation being so torn between two worlds of opinions, we will discuss what other ethical theories may propose concerning this law.
Virtue ethicism is surrounded around a person’s moral. When thinking of a virtue ethicist, morals play a really important part. “Aristotle tells us that without living…

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