A Call For Freedom By Joseph Collins Slave Essay

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The slave faction, which is 15% of New York City’s Population, is fed up with our mistreatment and neglect of basic human rights. I, Joseph Collins slave of a Patriot, have participated both conspicuously and under-the-radar negotiating contracts and fighting for the freedom of slaves in New York City. Even though I am able to read and write English does not mean all slaves are at my level of education. In fact, most slaves are uncultured in the ways of Congressional meetings. How can a slave fight for their freedom when they are uneducated in the ways of military service, Locke’s words, and the risks of running away from their masters as a last resort? They simply cannot make a civilized decision. As a faction I believe we need to weigh the costs and benefits of each side before we make a firm stand either way. The August 1775 edition of The Schenectady Spirit has an article titled “A Call for Freedom.” The article points out that the New York Provincial Congress is “officially made up of a select few voting members, there have been numerous crowds and mobs that have been active during the proceedings of the Congress.” The article hit the nail on the head so to speak. Our congress needs to equally represent all civilians of New York City: men, women and slaves. The lucky members of Congress have an imperative job to achieve: listen to members of the crowd and with an educated decision, provide a solution for all. Not only did our Congress fail to pass a petition for the…

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