A Beautiful Mind By John Nash Essay

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The film A Beautiful Mind Portrays the life of a real man named John Nash who was a brilliant mathematician who attended Princeton University for his graduate degree; this is where it is predicted he went undiagnosed with Schizophrenia, but more specifically, Paranoid Schizophrenia. With Nash’s relevant positive and negative symptoms throughout the film it is evident that this is his diagnosis. There are many examples present throughout the film that represent positive and negative symptoms. Some of the main positive symptoms are his hallucinations, which go as intense as Nash creating three different people, his college roommate, Charles, Charles niece, Marcee and lastly, his boss, William. Nash also believes he is working for the government, finding specific codes within newspapers and magazines, which would be a form of a self-significant symptom (Beidel et al., 2013, p.359). Further into the movie, Nash believes he is some type of spy for the government and that Russians are coming after him because he knows too much information and is a valuable asset, this is also a positive symptom, specifically, persecutory delusions (Beidel et al., 2013, p.359). While John is “working” for the government, he becomes intensely paranoid, causing him to constantly look out windows, feels as though people are watching him, and even becomes jumpy at a sudden breeze in part of the film. With these positive symptoms, it is obvious that John Nash is experiencing psychosis, which is the…

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