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What is the pes?
The tarsus, metatarsus and digits. (the foot from ankle down)
What is the crus?
The tibia and fibula
What is the stifle? What joints make it up?
The knee :
Femorotibial jt.
Femoropatellar jt.
Proximal tibiofibular jt.
What is the hock? What joints make it up (6)?
The proximal ankle or the tarsal jt:
Distal tibiofibular jt.
Tarsocrural jt.
Proximal intertarsal joint
Distal intertarsal joint
Intratarsal jts.
Tarsometatarsal jt.
What are the boundaries of the pelvic inlet?
Dorsal border – sacral promontory
Lateral borders – arcuate lines
Ventral border – pecten pubis
What inserts on the pecten pubis?
rectus abdominis and pre pubic tendon
What are the boundaries to the pelvic outlet?
Dorsal boundary – Ca 1 vertebra
Lateral borders – superficial gluteal mm., muscles of the pelvic diaphragm and sacrotuberous ligament
Ventral boundary – ischiatic arch
What does the pelvic canal course between? Which end is wider?
Between pelvic inlet and outlet
Short ventrally and long dorsally.
Which part of the pelvic bone is palpable?
The tuber sacrale.
What are the two sacroiliac joint articulation types?
The auricular surfaces on the wings of the sacrum and ilium are covered by hyaline cartilage

Dorsal to the auricular surface, fibrocartilage unites the wings of the sacrum and ilium
What comprises the pelvic symphysis in quadrapeds?

The ischial symphysis and pubic symphysis.

What species does this pelvis belong to? How do you know?

As a general rule, the bones will be straighter than canine bones.
What's the longest bone in the body?
The femur
What is the ball of the femur called? Is it proximal or distal? Medial or lateral?
It is the head of the femur, it is proximal and medial.
What type of joint is the coxofemoral joint?

What are the ligaments associated with it?
A spheroidal synovial joint.

The ligament of the femoral head (or round ligament of the femur) and the transverse acetabular ligament.
Where does the round ligament of the femur course between?
From the acetabular fossa to the fovea capitis femoris
Where does the transverse acetabular ligament course between?
Passes over the acetabular notch
Look at all of the things you can see in this radiograph!
What are the sesamoids of the femur called?
How do you tell the medial from lateral surface of the tibia? The cranial from caudal?
The medial malleolus is on the medial side.

The cranial view has the tibial tuberosity.
What type of joint is the stifle? The patellar joint? The tibia/fibia joint?
What are the four sesamoids of the stifle?
Patella, two fabellae, one sesmoid bone of the popliteal muscle
ID stuff on this radiograph

For extra credit, can you find the sesamoid of the popliteal tendon?
ID stuff on this radiograph
Name this joint

What inserts on the tuber calcaneal?
The tallocrural or tibiotarsal joint

The Achille's tendon inserts at the tuber calcaneal
What joints does the IVth tarsal bone extend between?
The proximal intertarsal to tarsalmetatarsal joints.
Name these radiographic features
Name these radiographic features
what tendons are the sesamoids of the pes associated with?
long digital extensor
Which pelvic limb physes will be closed at 6 months?
Definitely open: Iliac crest (15 mos-5.5 yrs), Tuber ischiadicum (8-14 mos), Minor trochanter (8-13 mos), Tibial crest (8-10 mos)

The rest might be open or closed:
Major trochanter (6-9 mos), Distal femur (6-12 mos), proximal tibia (6-15 mos), proximal fibula (6-12 mos), distal fibula (5-13 mos), distal tibia (5-11 mos), Tuber calcanei (3-8 mos), Distal metatarsals (5-7 mos), Proximal 1st Phalanges (5-7 mos)
What are the seven joints of the pelvic limb?
Sacroiliac jt., coxofemoral jt., stifle jt., tarsal jt., metatarsophalangeal jt., proximal interphalangeal jt., distal interphalangeal jt.