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all elements existing outside the organization's boundaries that have the potential to affect the organization
organizational environment
the layer of the external environment that affects the organization indirectly
general environment
the layer of the external environment that directly influences the organization's operations and performance
task environment
the environment that includes the elements within the organization's boundaries
internal environment
portion of the external environment that represents events originating in foreign counries as wel as opportunitites for U.S. companies in other countries
international dimension
the dimension of the general environment that includes scientific and technological advancements in the industry and society at large
technological dimension
the dimension of the general environment representing the demographic characteristics, norms, customs, and values of the population within which the organization operates
sociocultural dimension
the dimension of the general environment representing the overall economic health of the country or region in which the organization operates
economic dimension
the dimension of the general environment that includes federal, state, and local government regulations and political activities designed to influence company behavior
legal-political dimension
an interest group that workds within the legal-political framework to influence companies to behave in socially responsible ways
pressure group
people and organizations in the environment who acquire goods or services from the organization
other organizaiton in the same industry or type of business that provide goods or services to the same set of customers
people and organization who provide the raw materials the organization uses to produce its output
the people available for hire by the organization
labor market
roles assumed by people and/or departments that link and coordinate the organization with key elements in the external environment
boundary-spanning roles
the combining of two or more organizations into one
a strategic alliance or program by two or more organizations
joint venture
the set of key values, beleifs, understandings, and norms that members of an organization share
an object, act, or event taht converys meaning to others
a narrative based on true events and repeated frequently and shared among organizational employees
a figure who exemplifies the deeds, character, and attribtes of a strong corporate culture
a phrase or sentence that succinctly expresses a key corporate value
a planned activity at a special event that is conducted for the benefit of an audiencce
a culture characterized by values that suport the company's ability o interpret and translate signals from the environment into new behavior responses
adaptability culture
a results-oriented culture that values competitiveness, personal initiative, and achievement
achievement culture
a culture that places high value on meeting the needs of employees and values cooperation and equality
involvement culture
a culture that values and rewards a methodical, rational, orderly way of doing things
consistency culture
a culture based on a solid organizational mission or purpose that uses shared adaptive values to guide decisions and business practices and to encourage individual employee ownderhip of both bottom-line results and the organization's cultural backbone
high-performance culture
a manager who uses signals and smbols to influence corporate culture
cultural leader