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Name four methods of urine specimen collection
cystocentesis, catheterization, expressing the bladder, and natural voiding
What are the two preferred urine collection methods? Which better of the two?
cystocentesis and catheterization - cysto the best
Urine is meds of 96% ___ and 4%___
water, dissolved substances
What are the three components of a routine UA?
Gross exam (physical properties), chemical testing, microscopic exam
What is the normal pH range of urine in a dog or cat?
5.5 - 7.5
Ideally, a urine sample should be analyzed w/i ___ of collection.
30 minute (can go up to 1 hour)
If immediate analysis is not possible, refrigeration preserves most urine constituents for ____.
6-12 hours
___ may form in refrigerated urine samples
What should be done w/ refrigerated samples before analysis?
warm to room temp
How much urine should be collected for analysis?
6-12 mls - as much as possible
What changes could occur in a sample left sanding at room temp for more than an hour?
RBCs and WBCs disintegrate, casts decompose, decr glucose bilirubin urobiligin & ketones, incr pH protein bacteria & turbidity, changes in color
What is a normal urine SG in dogs? Cats?
Dogs - 1.025 "ten twenty-five"
Cats - 1.030 "ten thirty"
When kidneys have lost the ability to concentrate urine, the SG will become fixed at ___.
1.010 - "ten ten" - renal failure
How much urine should be used for a UA?
5 mls
How long should a UA sample be centrifuged?
5 minutes at 1500-2000 rpm
A urine pH above 7.0 is considered ___
A urine pH below 7.0 is considered ___
What are 4 terms used to describe urine transparency/turbidity?
clear, hazy, cloudy, turbid
What tranparency: no visible particular matter present
What tranparency: some visible particular matter present, newsprint not distorted when viewed through urine
What tranparency: newsprint can been seen but letters are distorted or blurred
What transparency: Newsprint cannot be seen through urine
Comp Review - Urinalysis
Comp Review - Urinalysis
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