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Which directive sets forth policy on the Navy Directives Issuance System?
SECNAVINST 5215.1 series
Which directive is the Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual?
SECNAVINST 1650.1 series
A routine end of tour award is an integral part of the awards system.

True or False
U. S. Naval Academy Midshipmen are eligible to qualify for naval awards.

True or False
Which award(s) may NOT be awarded to foreign national personnel?
Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and Combat Action Ribbon
What form is the Personal Awards Recommendation?
OPNAV 1650/3
What appendix to Chapter 1 of the Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual lists the precedence of awards?
Appendix C
Which of the following awards is NOT a Military Decoration:
Good Conduct Medal; Combat Action Ribbon; Navy Achievement Medal; Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Which directive is the Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual?
a)SECNAVINST 5216.5 series
When should window envelopes not be used?
When the addressee is a high level official; When the letter is classified; and when the letter is of a personal nature
What is the maximum number of lines for an official mail address?
Who is responsible for screening incoming correspondence?
Correspondence Manager
Who is responsible to ensure that a Correspondence Manager is designated?
Commanding Officer
What is the preferred method of communication when official correspondence is unneccessary?
A conversation in person or via telephone
What is the normal timeframe for an answer to be drafted to routine correspondence with no required action date?
10 working days
Where is "Department of the Navy" centered on Naval letterhead?
4 lines from top of page
What is the correct method of expressing dates in the text of a naval letter?
1/1/1998; 1 January 1998; January 1, 1998; 1 Jan 1998
1 January 1998
What directive provides guidance on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?
How many parts make up the Identification Symbols of a standard letter?
NEVER use "For Official Use Only" as a classification to protect National Security.

True or False
Command letterhead may be used for memorandums if direct liason with individuals outside of an activity is authorized.

True or False
What directive sets forth guidance on the maintenance, use and disposition of Naval records?
What article of U. S. Navy Regulations forbids any person without proper authority to withdraw, destroy or withold official records?
Article 1127
What directive sets forth policy for the destruction of classified matter and the safeguarding of security information in the Department of the Navy?
OPNAVINST 5510.1 series
Federal Records Center approval is required BEFORE records can be shipped to the FRC.

True or False
What form is the Records Transmittal and Receipt?
SF 135
What is the Department of the Navy instruction on Standard Subject Identification Codes?
SECNAVINST 5210.11 series
Which of the following Standard Subject Identification Codes is NOT used by Naval or Marine Corps activities?
"16000-16999","13000-13999", or "6000-6999"
What forms are used as a "Charge Out" slip to keep track of documents removed from the file?
Optional Forms 23, 24, and 25
File copies should include background material including early drafts of correspondence when possible.

True or False
Which of the below SSIC Major Groups contains correspondence relating to General Material?
What form is used as a cross reference locator for documents that concern more than one subject?
Optional Form 21
What directive sets forth guidance on the destruction or transfer of official records to a FRC - Federal records Center?
SECNAVINST 5212.5 series
Which of the following SSIC's is an example of a primary subject group?
"5000","400","5200", or "4010"
What SSIC range pertains to promotion and advancement?
Which SSIC range pertains to Classification and Designation?
You are assmbling a letter that has three different enclosures. Each enclosure has three pages. What should be the page number of the last page of the third enclosure?
To avoid a busy appearance on a letter of condolence, an activity may show all the sender identification symbols on the file copy. What, if anything, should be shown on the outgoing original?
The date only
What BUPERS INST is the Evaluation Manual?
When do Third Classes receive their evals?
June 15th
How many days after a regular report can you extend an eval?
90 days
If a service member gets a 1.0 in any block, what type of eval does he/she receive?
What SSIC is the 7000
What day of the month does an Officer's Fitrep end?
The LAST day of the month
What is Chapter 4 of the Awards Manual?
Campaign and Service Awards
What is a Campain/Service Award?
It is issued to an individual to denote participation in a campain, armed conflict, national emergancy, or expedition, to denote service requirements fulfilled
What is worn if more than one campaign or service medal is issued to an individual?
3/16" bronze star is worn to denote subsequent award, 3/16" gold star is worn in lieu of the sixth award
What are the requirements for the POW (prisoner of war) medal?
Member had to be declared a prisoner of war and held captive after 5 April 1917
What are the requirements for a Navy Good Conduct Medal?
Recognized all around good Navy enlisted member, well qualified in all cases of conduct and performance. Must have continuous service of 3 years
Hair above the ears and around the neck shall be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least ____inch and outward not greater than ___inch to blend with hair­style
Men's Hair shall be no longer than
4 inches
The bulk of the men's hair shall not exceed approximately
2 inches
With jumper uniforms, women's hair may extend a maximum of _____inches below the top of the jumper collar
A maximum of ______ small barrettes/combs/ clips, similar to hair color, may be used in women's hair
What numbers of bobby pins or rubber bands matching hair color may be used to hold hair in place, if necessary?
There is no limit
No portion of the mustache shall extend
below the lip line of the upper lip
It shall not go beyond a ________________________and no more than ______beyond a vertical line drawn from the corner of the mouth.
horizontal line extending across the corners of the mouth; 1/4 inch
T/F Long false eyelashes cannot be worn when in uniform.
Fingernails shall not extend past fingertips for
Fingernails shall not exceed _______ measured from the fingertip
1/4 inch (Females only)
Earrings shall be
4mm - 6mm ball (approximately 1/8 - 1/4 inch) ; silver for E1-E6, gold for all E7 & above. Females only
What is ACC 100
Permanent assignement for duty
What is ACC 101
Failed to report for duty
What is ACC 109
Declared deserter
What is ACC 499
In transit
What copy of the DD214 go to the member
Original and copy number 4
Where does copy number 2 of the DD214 go
Where does copy number 3 of the DD214 go
Department of Veteran Affairs
Where does copy number 5 of the DD214 go
U.S. Department of Labor
Where does copy number 6 of the DD214 go
Department of Veterans Affairs State Director
Where does copy number 7 of the DD214 go
Officer copy - destroyed

Enslisted copy - Field service record
What is a RE-3 code
Eligible for reenlistment if corrections are made
What is a RE-4 code
Ineligible for reenlsitment
What is a RE-5 code
USNR-R released after serving 90 or more days of Active Duty for Training
What is a RE-6 Code
Ineligible or denied reenlistment due to High Year Tenure
What is RE-7 Code
Completed the initial 2-year active duty obligation under the 2x8 Naval Reserve Program
What date commemorates the birthday of the United
States Navy
13 Oct 1775
The Second Continental Congress approved the purchase of how many vessels
What type of ships did privateers typically sail
What ship was the first warfare submarine
What country was th first to recognize the "Stars and Stripes"
At various times during the Revolutionary War, the U.S.Navy had 56 vessels. What was the peak number of vessels that were operating at any one time
What is the oldest U.S. Navy ship still in commission
Who was president when the U.S. Navy Department was established
John Adams
During the War of 1812, what ship earned the nickname"Old Ironsides"
In 1854, Commodore Perry signed a treaty that opened up what market to American trade
"Remember the Maine", referring to the USS Maine, was the battle cry for which of the following wars
The Spanish-American War
In what capacity did women first serve as members of the Navy
In what war did women first serve as members of the Navy
World War 1
Who was the Navy's first aviator
Lt. Ellyson
What was the first aircraft carrier designed from the keel up
USS Ranger
What was the decisve battle of World War 2 that became the turning point of the war in the Pacific
The Battle of Midway
During World War 2 WAVES were eligible for how many ratings
In what year was the Women's Armed Services Intergration Act passed
In what year did the USS Nautilus make its history-making transpolar voyage
In what year were the first nuclear-powered surface ships launched
What moon mission was completely manned by Navy personnel
Apollo 12
The Navy helped move approximately how many pounds of equipment and supplies during Dessert Shield/Desert Storm
18.3 billion pounds
Without using court-martial
intervention. what article of the
UCMJ empowers a commanding officer
to impose punishment for minor
offenses on both officer and
enlisted personnel?
Under the UCMJ, punishment must be
imposed within 2 years of the

True or False
Your rights are found under what
UCMJ article?
Confinement on bread and water has
a maximum duration of how many
What term describes the Navy’s recognition that drug and alcohol abuse is
incompatible with the Navy’s effort to instill pride and
Zero tolerance
Each urinalysis sample is tested
how many minimum number of times by
one of the Navy’s drug screening
Under the Navy’s policy for drug
abusers, which of the following
actions is taken if a PO2 commits a
drug abuse offense?
The person is processed for
immediate separation
The number one 'drug' problem in the United States is the abuse of what substance?
Alcohol is classified as what type
of drug?
What type of salute is most common?
In a normal situation, how many paces from the person being saluted should the hand salute be rendered?
You may salute with your left hand in what situation?
When in complete uniform and your right hand/arm is injured
What is the statement that defines the term "honors"
Salutes rendered by a ship, unit, post,station, or an individual to high-ranking individuals, other ships, or nations
Passing honors for ships are exchanged when ships pass within what distance?
600 yards
Passing honors for boats are exchanged
when boats pass within what distance?
400 yards
Gun salutes are normally fired at what time interval?
5 seconds
On Navy ships not under way, where is
the union jack displayed?
The jack staff on the bow
What march does the Navy band play to honor the President of the United States?
“Hail to the Chief"
Hoisting and lowering the national flag at 0800 and sunset are known as what term?
morning colors and
evening colors.
Cough suppressant and pain relievers can be given to a victim of a choking agent.

True or False
Which SSIC range covers Medicine and Dentistry?
Which SSIC range covers Coast Guard Missions and is NOT to be used on Navy or Marine correspondence?
Which SSIC range covers Ordnance Material?
SSIC 1000-1999 covers what topic?
Military Personnel
SSIC 5000-5999 covers what topic?
General Administration and Management
SSIC 1414 covers what specific topic?
Enlisted Qualifications
SSIC 1650 covers what specific topic?
Decorations, Medals, and Awards
What does SSIC stand for?
Standard Subject Identification Codes
You may NEVER use pencil to designate a page as an enclosure.

True or False
Number ONLY second and later pages of each enclosure as required.

True or False