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A user is logged on, and added on to an access group.
What does she have to do in order for her to be updated and admitted into the ACL?
Because access is not updated until the next logon, she must first log off and then log back on in order to get admitted into the ACL.
What is the advantage of the offline files/folders option?
It allows XP clients to store and access network folders and files, even if network location is not available.
Name the four tabs of the Folder Options.
1) General

2) View

3) File Types

4) Offline Files
How do you rename a folder or file?
Right click on a folder or file.
Select rename from popup menu.
Type in a new name of the folder or file.
In order for the XP client computer to access network of files and folders, what protocol must the network computer be using?
The protocol that must be available is the file and print sharing protocol Server Message Blocks (SMB)_.
Name three types of share permissions.
1)Full Control - Allows full access to shared folders.

2)Change - Allows users to change or delete data in the file

3)Read - Allows users to view and execute files in the shared folder.
Resource Access id determined by what 3 steps?
1)At logon, an access token is created for log on account.

2)When resource is accessed, XP checks access contol list (ACL) to see if user should be granted access.

3)If user is on list, ACL checks access control entries (ACE) to see what type of acess the user should be given.
What are explicitly assigned permissions?
Explicitly assigned permissions are deliberately applied of a selected folder.
Name the 5 levels of NTFS permission.
1)Full Control
3)Read & Execute
4)List Folder Controls
5)Read & Write
How do you get to the Folder Options Box?
Explorer - Tools - Folder Options.
In local and network security, what is the overrideing rule of access?
Whatever is the most restrictive access will determine what a user can do.
What are inherited permissions?
In Windows XP, by default, the parent's folder's permissions are applied to any file or subfolder of that folder.
What are the two common types of file systems?

Which has security capabilities?
FAT (16 & 32) and NTFS files.

NTFS files have security capabilities.
Name 3 ways to create folders
1) My Computer

2) DOS MD command

3) Through Windows Explorer
How do you determine a user's effective rights?
Add all permissions based on a user's username and group association, and from that subtract all permissions denied based on a user's username and group association.