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Used to suppor users with limited sight, hearing or mobility.
accessibility options
Configures a computer based on a user's vision, hearing and mobility needs.
accessibility wizard
Used to set local information such as date and time format, currency format and country names.
locale settings
Creates a separate window to magnify a portion of the user's screen.
magnifier utility
Allows a user to centrally manage a computer's files, hard drives, and devices with removable storage. Also allows a user to manage system tasks, other places (such as My Network Places), and to view details about the computer.
My Computer
By default, stores the documents that are created.
My Documents
Can read aloud on-screen text, dialogue boxes, menus and buttons.
Narrator Utility
Links to items that are accessible from you computer or network.
Allows the user to start and stop thw XP Pro accessibility utilities.
utility manager