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Specifies 6 different levels of power states.
Advanced Configuration Power Interface
Software that allows a specific piece of hardware to communicate with the XP Pro OS.
device driver
A way of ensuring that drivers are properly tested before they are released to the public.
driver signing
Provides hardware-independent code for specific hardware platforms.
hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
Contains all of the settings for a computer.
hardware profile
Console framwork for management applications and provides a common environment for snap-ins, which are administrative tools developed by Microsoft or third party vendors.
Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Technology that uses a combination of hardware and software that allows the OS to automatically recognize and configure new hardware without user intervention.
plug and play
Configuring multiple processors and associating each processor with specific processes that are running on the computer.
processor affinity
Primary utility for registry editing in XP Pro.
Database used by the OS to store configuration information.
Used to edit the registry. This utility is designed for advanced configuration of the system.
Registry Editor
Administrative tools developed by Microsoft or third party vendors.
Doesn't save data automatically as hibernation does. An individual can acces their computer more quickly than a computer that is in hibernation, usually through a mouse click or key stroke, and the desktop appears as it was prior.
External bus standard that allows a person to connect devices through a port. Supports transfer rates up to 12Mbps. A single port can support up to 127 devices.
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
The device that outputs the display to your monitor.
video adapter