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Strategic Business Unit
Consists of employees representing all key disciplines witha focus on product. CREATING A SMALL BUSINESS OUT OF A SPECIFIC PRODUCT.
Customer Strategic Business Unit
Adds customer and supplier considerations as a primary input to SBU. TAKING A GROUP OF CUSTOMERS AND CREATING A SMALL COMPANY WITHIN A COMPANY
Hierarchy of Needs
Pyscholgist Abraham Maslow proposed that people reach fulfillment through satisifying a series of personal needs. Review page (123)
Key Elements of an Orginization
1.) People (engine) --> Human interactions
2.) Specific Roles ( who does what) --> Structured
3.) Organizational Objectives (assignments, both team and individual) --> goal directed activities
Orginizing Process
Planning, Defining the job, Departmentalization, Chain of Command, and Develop a formal organizational structure
Grouping of work activities into units within an organization. Review different kinds on 106
Span of Control
Number of people reporting to a position. Ideal span strikes a balance between cost and operating efficency.
Centralized Authority
authority concentrated at top, little authority dispersed to subordiantes
Decentralized Authority
Wider dispersal of authority. Flexible, faster response time, with some risk.
Line organization
Actively engaged in the pursuit of organizational objectives, and has direct responsibility for sesults.
Staff Organization
Role is to provide support to the line organizations
Matrix Management
Assigns employees to both functional group and a project team, brought together to work on specific role.
Human Resources Planning
Forecasting the number of employees and skills required (review 109)
Staffing Process
1.) Recruiting
2.) Interviews (S)
3.) Refrence Checks (S)
4.) Physical Exam (S)
5.) Hiring
6.) Orientation/Training
Human Relations
How employers and managers interact with employees.
Human Interactions
How you get things done. Personally or through other people.
#1 human relations skill. Listening, questions and transferring knowledge.
Theory X
Managers believe that workers are lazy. Managers tend to oversupervise. Strict management but does foucs on basic physiological and safety needs.
Theory Y
Managers have positive view of workers. Less supervision and give challenging work. Motivate by needs.
Scientific Management
Approach to improve efficency in the workplace. Featured Time and motion studies and determing the best way to do a job.
Hawthorne Effect
People work harder when they feel appreciated and important.
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Employee orientated. Uses ergonomics: Designing a work enviornment around human factors.
Job Enrichment
Job Orientated. Adding Authority responsibility and oppurtunity.
Job Enlargement
Job Orientated. Adding more tasks.
Job Rotation
Job Orientated. Changing employees to improve understanding of overall operation.
Job Orientated. Work schedule around core hours.
Working out of the home. J.O.
Job Sharing
Two people on sharing one job. J.O.
Fringe Benefits
Term used to describe benefits.
Corporate Culture
A set of values and beliefs that guide organizational behavior. Review 125
National Labor Relations Board
Oversee that laws are upheld.
Things that are negotiable
Wages/Hours, Benefits, Working Conditions.
Things that are non negotiable
Grievance Procedure
Closed Shop
[Illegal] Companies can only have those in a union
Union Shop
Workers hired must join a union
Agency Shop
Workers dont have to be a member of union, but have to pay dues either way.
Neutral Third party comes in to help settle negotations. Has no power over settlement.
Neutral third party comes in directs actions by both parties to solve dispute. BINDING.
Grievance Procedure
Complaint is registered by employee with an acusation of unfair treatment by management. (139)