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Dante Alighieri
1310-1320 Divine Comedy
100 cantos, hell, purgatory, heaven, Virgil voice of reason, Beatrice faith
Marsiglio of Padua
1324 Defensor Pacis
Geoffrey Chaucer
1387-1400 Canterbury Tales
Giovanni Boccaccio
The Decameron
Described course of Black Death
François Villon
1456 Lais
Grand Testament
Ballade des Pendus
Christine de Pisan
Livre de la mutacion de fortune, Ditié, The City of Ladies, The Book of Three Virtues, Avison-Christine
Pico della Mirandola
On the Dignity of Man-Divine image planted in man, no limits to what he can accomplish
Lorenzo Valla
On Pleasure
Defends pleasure of senses as highest good
1444 On the False Donation of Constantine-Shows by careful textual examination that anonymous eighth-century document giving papacy jurisdiction over vast territories in western Europe was fake
Balsadarre Castiglione
1528 The Courtier
Train young man into courtly ideal, gentleman
Niccolò Macchiavelli (1469-1527)
1513 The Prince
Best to be both feared and loved, better feared than loved, cunning of a fox and ferocity of a lion, ends justify means
Pietro Aretino
1527 Sonnetti Lussuriosi, 1534-1536 Raggionamenti
Leon Battista Alberti
On the Family
Wife’s role should be in household
Juan Luis Vives
Instruction of the Christian Woman
Woman’s sphere the home
Sir Thomas Smith
The English Commonwealth
Woman’s place the home
Thomas More
1516 Utopia
Ideal socialistic community, fictional island, basic problems in society caused by greed
Desiderius Erasmus
1504 The Education of a Christian Prince
Idealistic and practical suggestions for ruler’s character
1509 In Praise of Folly
Satire of worldly wisdom, plea for simple and spontaneous Christian faith
François Rabelais
Gargantua, Pantagruel
Thomas à Kempis
The Imitation of Christ
Take Christ as model, simple way of life
Martin Luther
1517 Ninety-five Theses on the Power of Indulgences
Indulgences undermine seriousness of sacrament of penance, downplay importance of charity
1520 On Christian Liberty
1520 Appeal to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation
Call for German princes to destroy papal power in Germany, gains support of princes
1525 An Admonition to Peace
Sides with peasants, but warns against violence
Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of the Peasants
Wants revolt crushed
1529 Larger Catechism
Brief sermons on main articles of faith
1529 Shorter Catechism
Concise explanations of doctrine in question-and-answer form, both catechisms stress Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prater, Apostle’s Creed, sacraments
John Calvin
1536 The Institutes of the Christian Religion
God all-powerful, humans totally insignificant, no free will, predestination
1541 Genevan Catechism
Thomas Cranmer
1549 Book of Common Prayer
With Psalter, included order for all services of Church of England
John Knox
1564 Book of Common Order
Liturgical directory for Scottish church
Ignatius Loyola
1548 Spiritual Exercises
Holy Office
Index of Prohibited Books
Fernández de Oviedo
1547 General History of the Indies
Plants, animals, people
Marco Polo
ca 1298 Travels
Experiences in Asia, stimulated spice trade between Asia and Italy
Michael de Montaigne
On Cannibals
Christopher Marlowe
Tamburlaine, The Jew of Malta
William Shakespeare
Julius Caesar, Pericles, Antony and Cleopatra, Richard II, Richard III, Henry IV, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth
James I
1611 Authorized Bible
Urged by group of Puritans at theological conference in 1604