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War Production Board
created by FDR to direct conversion of existing factories to wartime production and supervised the building of the new plants
Office of War Mobilization
coordinated all government agencies involved in the war effort; coordinated the production of consumer goods
Selective Training and Service Act
provided for the first peacetime draft in US history; required all men ages 21 to 35 to register
Douglas MacArthur
commanded Filipino troops; eventually given command of all US troops in the Pacific; ordered troops to evacuate the city and retreat to the Bataan Peninsula
Bataan Death March
Japanese troops forced the survivors in Bataan to march to a prison camp; treated brutally
Chester Nimitz
comander of the US pacific fleet; agressive commander
Battle of Coral Sea
allied victory;tactical and strategic victory, US win, Only airplanes
Battle of Midway
naval battle in the pacific; seeking to crush the US pacific fleet; between the navies of hte US and Japan; US victory
Erwin Rommel
"Desert Fox", very skillful military leader
Bernard Montgomery
british leader who helped turn the corner at the battle of el alamein
Office of War Information
controlled the flow of war news at home
Rosie the Riveter
the symbol of patriotic female defense workers
A Philip Randolph
African American leader who protested against discrimination of black workers
Fair Emplyment Practices Committee
enforced an order that forbade racial discrimination in defense plants and government offices
Carlos Castenada
served as an assistant to the chair of the FEPC
railroad workers who came from the north to work in the Southwest during the war
zoot-suit riots
US Sailors entered a city attacking the zoot-suit people
forced relocation and imprisonment
Norman Mineta
nisei from who was imprisoned; Japanese American
Dwight D. Eisenhower
commanded the invasion force of the British and US soldiers
George Patton
guided US forces in the invasion of Italy
Battle of the Atlantic
Allies won; battle in the sea in the Atlantic
equitpment that uses waves to detect things underwater
George C. Marshall
Allied strategist who led the planning of the US invading German-occupied France
Operation Overload; June 6, 1944
Nazis Germany's system of killing European Jews
deliberate annihilation of an entire group of people
Battle of the Bulge
Germans pushed westward to create a bulge in the Allied lines, but the Allies pushed the Germans back
Yalta Conference
FDR, Churchill, and Stalin pledged to declare war on Japan; Germany would be divided and occupied after the war for peace
island hopping
troops would attack and seize only certain strategic Japanese-held islands rather than trying to recaptured them all
Battle of Leyte Gulf
we were there because of the Spanish American war; in the Phillipines
Battle of Iwo Jima
6 weeks long; US tried to take Mt. Suribachi
Battle of Okinawa
bloodiest of the Pacific War; many caves; many Japanese died; kamikazis used
Harry Truman
became president once FDR died
Manhattan Project
effort group of scientists who had been working to create an atomic bomb
Enola Gay
dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima