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Define Nationalism.
pride in one's nation and its achievements, ethnic/cultural heritage, government and its philosophy and sovereignty.
citizens of a nationalist country are usually willing...
to fight to uphold their nation's principles.
Constructive Nationalism
nationalism evident during the time of Napoleon III
people bind together to rebuild the nation.
Destructive Nationalism.
increasing feeling of anger and desperation by conquered people. Overthrow the current government.
Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
N. Italy is annexed to Sardinia, completing unification with Garibaldi's "red shirts"
Papal States
not controlled by foreign governments.
former carbonari. founded "young italy" and became a spokesman for "il risorgimento"
Prime Minister of Sardinia. stands to gain much power if Italy is unified.
//to Bismark
Italian patriot from S. Italy. Wanted to see Italy united as quickly as possible by revolutionary means using his army the "red shirts"
Victor Emmanuel
King of Sardinia. Wants to see Italy united under Sardinia.
//William I
Role of Prussia in German Unification.
most powerful German state.
held a leadership role
Austria in terms of German unification.
afraid of Prussia's power and didnt want Prussia to take control.
do w/e necessary to reach goal.
Franco-Prussian War
Bismark provokes France into declaring war on Prussia so that the remaining southern states will join Prussia because they border and are afraid of France.
prime minister. didn't believe that the people could govern themselves, built up an army, improved coal and oil industries, improves railroads.
Wilhelm I
builds up an army to help unify the states, liberals resist him until he appoints a prime minister.
wilhelm I becomes kaiser of Germany after its unification.
Define Imperialism.
the policy and practice of forming and maintaining an Empire.
Causes for Imperialism
Social, Political, Economic
Describe Social Reasons for Imperialism
Missionary, Power, Aggression
Describe Political Reasons for Imperialism.
strategic (improve communication), Leadership
Direct Rule
complete control by parent country. Based on the belief that the people cannot govern themselves.
Indirect Rule
mother country makes laws for colonies and local rulers carry them out.
British East India Company
controlled every aspect of life in India. Harsh treatment of Indians.
Indian National Congress
was organized as one way to get greater Indian participation in government.
Sepoy Rebellion
pork fat
Spheres of Influence
European power has a controlling economic interest.
China and Britain
Boxer Rebellion
attempt to drive out all foreigners. results in their defeat by European soldiers and unjust treaties between China and Europe.
Opium War
caused by opium
change societal values/morals
Commodore Matthew Perry
opens Japan port Tokyo under military force
Characteristics of Meiji Japan
isolationist, unwilling to trade or have political relations with west.
shoguns and samuris
Berlin Conference
set rules on how to colonize Africa
Assimilation Policies
to be absorbed politically and culturally by the mother country.
General Areas of European tion
everywhere. Started along the coasts.
Independent Countries in Africa
Ethipia(military) and Liberia(Christian)
Natural resources
gold, oil, diamonds