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Who is the founder of Buddhism?
Siddhartha Gautama
What was the main thing they rejected about Hinduism?
Hereditary blood-lines should determine social positions = wrong
What does Buddha mean literally?
"the Awakened One"
Where did it originate?
India - but now mainly in Asia (China)
What was the orginal intent of Buddhism?
A philosophy to get off the wheel of re-births
Who made the prophesy about Siddhartha?
A sage named Asita
What are the four signs that led Siddhartha to leave his palace?
1. an old man
2. a sick man
3. a corpse
4. a mendicant
After leaving the palace, what did Siddhartha do?
Extreme self-denial, ascetism
What are the Four Noble Truths?
1. Life is painful
2. Selfish desire is the origin of pain and suffering
3. Craving, the origin of suferring, can be eliminated
4. The Eightfold Middle Path leads to the extinction of suffering
What are the three schools?
1. Theravada - The Way of the Monks (founded by Buddha)
2. Mahayana - the Greater Vehicle (many deities and buddhas)
3. Vajryana - the Vehicle of the Thunderbolt (theology mixed with magic)
What is the Eightfold Middle Path?
right views, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration
What is their view of Nirvana?
form of annihilation or extinction of individuality, a state of freedom or exaltation
What is their scripture?
the Tripitaka - three baskets are Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka (most important), and Abhidhamma Pitaka
What is the book comparative to the New Testament?
Dhammapada of Theravada Buddhism