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When did Pres Roosevelt die?
April 2 1945
The capital of Italy is
Who is the "Iron Chancellor"?
Otto Von Bismark
Rubens, Rembrandt and Cavendish were important in
art and science
the desire to become a nation is called...
who saved france at the battle of orleans
Joan of Arc
a gov. run by religion is called...
what is the koran?
muslim holy book
who is winston churchill?
prime minister of england
what is the weimar republic
german gov after ww1
when did ww2 start?
sept 1 1939
where were the trials for crimes against humanity held after ww2?
The british turned back the german forces led by erwin rommel at what city?
El Alamen
Mussolini was fired by king emmanuel III and arrested after what event?
ivasion of sicily by allies
the soviet victory at what city is viewed as te major turning point of WW2
the nazis decided to exterminate jews, gypsies, slavs, and others b/c these ppls
were inverior and undesirable
why did japan decide to attack pearl harbor
to take out american naval forces
hitler wanted to conquer the soviet union because
for living space for germans
what was the battle of britain?
germany tries to take england
german-italian alliance in the 1930's
Rome/Berlin Axis
who supported nationalists in spanish civil war?
why did hitler seize austria
wanted the sudanland
how did japanese military demonstrate its power in 1931?
taking over china
ruled japan during ww2
how did trotsky and stalin differ in their vision for soviet union?
stalin-wanted russian rev.-take one at a time
trotsky-wanted whole world
wat was the third reich?
hitler's rule
what did the 1935 nuremberg laws do?
took the Jews' rights and land
what is the german parliament called?
followers of mussolini are called
which country felt most frightened by possibility of another war/
United States
what is the maginot line
defense line made by france
agreement that denounced wat as means of settling disputes..
kellog-briand pact
pablo picasso is a/an...
sigmund freud is a/an...
albert einstein is a/an..
how did treaty of versailles affect germany
made germany pay for war damages
pres of u.s. during wwI
german leader during WWI
keiser wilhelm II
who is vittorio orlando
prime minister of Itally
who is Georges Clemenceau
prime minister of france
who is david lloyd george
prime minister of Berlin
what was 'peace, land, and bread"? in russia
slogan of Lenin
why did the germans help Lenin return to Russia?
he promised to help them out of war
who were the Reds
russians were unhappy with Czarr nicholas II's rule for wat three reasons...
1 running war wrong
2 relationship w/ Ratspetin
3 food shortages
group that believed a small group should run the russian revolution
leader who seized power from the russian provisional government, during the 1917 revolution
why did U.S. finally enter ww1
attack on pearl harbor
what miscalculationdid germans make at beginning of war
didn't think russia would mobilize troops
what new weapon was introduced at battle of the somme
allied offensive on turkish-controlled lands
battle line running through belgium and france
West Front
German proposal to draw mexico into war
zimmerman note
why did great britain declare war on Germany
they invaded Belgium
why did russia declare war on Austria-Hungary
felt they stopped from to serbia
who is the czar of russia during ww1
nicholas II
who is Gavrilo Princip
assasin of Francis Ferdinand and wife
who is francis ferdinand
archduke, nephew and heir to Austro-Hungarian emperor
emperor of austria-hungary during WWI
emperor of germany during WWI
Wilhelm II
advocates of enlightenment ideas included all of the following (3)
montesque, locke, flobbes
men and women of the enlightenment embraced all of the following (3)
natural law, free speech, property
powerful rulers who tried to apply ppolitical ideas of the enlightenment
enlighteded despots
gatherings that fostered development of art, literature, and politics
according to John Locke wat is the foundation of government
natural law
thomas hobbes believed that human nature was ...
in the 1600s and 1700s, reason influenced all of the following (3)
enlightened despots, Government, religion
universal moral law that philosophers believed could be known thru reason...
natural law
scientific method includes the following (3)
obervation, hypothesis, and experiment
whose theories of anatomy did the works of andreas vasalius and william harbey disprove
in the middle ages europeans based their scientific ideas on theories expounded by the
fundamental biological units discoveret by Robert Hooke
what system of mathematics did Isaac Newton develop
oval paths planets travel on around sun
during 1600s the quality of life of european peasants could be characterized as
an entrepreneur would be likely do all of the following (3)
invest, risk, trade
mercantilism encouraged nations to...
family responsible for financing many early expeditions
middle passage referred to traspotration of enslaved africans from where to where?
N America
portugal maintained a colonial interest in all of the following areas (3)
SE Asia, Malacas, Indonesia
all of the following contributed to the explorers' ability (3)
better sails, water tight ships, com passes
killed in philippines during attempt at circumnavigation
Ferdinand magellan
proved that ships could reach east asia by sailing aroud africa
name for church of england as formed by Elizabeth I is
court that published first list of censored books
how many wives did king henry VIII have
list of staements by martin luther criticizing catholic church practices
english writer who criticized his own society by comparing it to an ideal society
painter who was also a scientist, writer, and inventor
city-state that was led by group of wealthy officials
list three statements that are true of humanists
didn't value daily life
natural law
the harsh environment of the central asian steppes encouraged which way of life
Namady life
time in catholic church history when the papal court was located in avignon
babilonian captivity
time in catholic church history when there were two and then three popes at once
Which was the only group able to survive under Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile's rule
peasant woman who lead French troops to Orleans and Reims
Joan of Arc
Epidemic that killed many ppl especially those in towns
black plague
one function of the craft guilds was to ...
control products
list three countries that were represtented by kings at the third crusade
the leader of the byzantine empire in the late a.d. 1000s was
they were trained to fight on horseback
what best describes the relationship between the church and the people in the midddle ages
disconnected, superior
elaborately decorated book
illuminated manuscript
wat artwork is made of tiny pieces of colored stone
who ruled the byzantine empire at its height?
largest church in the byzntine empire is the
the break between the roman catholic and eastern orthadox churches
the great schism
wat language was used in the eastern orthadox church
which ws the first officially christian country in the world
cyril's purpose in inventing the cyrillic alphabet was to
convert ppl to christianity
why was moscow or muscovy proclamed the third rome
the czar-descendant of caesar