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Which of the following is NOT one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
faith fasting
prayer military duty
military duty
Why was the Hijrah important?

A) Muhammad was accepted as a political leader in Medina
B) it was during the higrah that muhammad first heard the voice of gabriel
C) Muhammad sounded the call to prayer from its roof in Mecca
D) it was the 1st battle he won
Muhammad was accepted as a politiacl leader in Medina
Why did the Muslim way of praying lead to advances in astronomy?
Muslims wanted to know the precies direction of Mecca
What system of law regulates the familyt life, moral conduct, and the business and communtiy life of Muslims?
Why was Baghdad's house of wisdom significant?
people translated scientific and philosophical texts into arabic
which of the following was NOT advandeced during the muslim empire?
how were conquered peoples treated by the muslim empire?
their religions were tolerated, but restrictions and taxes were imposed
what was the preferred method of muslim scientists?
experiments in laboratory setings
What is the best Muslim model for proper living?
the sunna
who did muslims condsider the 'people of the book'?
jews and christians
the sahel is a 'coastline' of what geographic feature?
what were the main directions of the migrations of Bantu speaking peoples?
south or southeast
what are africa's savannas?
grassy plains
where are africa's rain forests located?
in the west central region
what does the word bantu mean?
the people
what was the way of life of africa's earliest people?
hunter gatherers
what was west aftica's earliest known culture?
What city was the center of trade in Aksum?
what did king ezana of aksum establish as the kingdom's official religion during his reign?
what is desertification?
an environmental problem that dries the soil of the savannas
which of the following was the body of civil law created for the byzantine empire?
the justinian code
during the 8th century dispute over icons, which of the following was the main supporter of the iconoclats?
the byzantine emperor
who invented the alphabet that is used by many slavic languages?
saint methodius and saint cyril
which of the following men was a ruler of kievan russia?
yaroslav the wise
what was the mongol empire in russia called?
khanate of the golden horde
under mongol rule, which of the following happened to moscow?
moscow grew in wealth and power
which of the following titles did ivan 111 ues?
who were mamelukes?
turkish slaves who became a powerful force in the abbasid empire
the seljuks converted to which of the following religions?
sunni islam
which of the following names was used for seljuk rulers?
during the middle ages, what was a grant of land from a lord to a vassal called?
what was a mock battle that served as a training exercise for young knights called?
what was the act of taking away a person's right to membership in the church?
which carolingian leader reunited western europe and was crowned emperor by pope leo 111?
what system of government was based on the exchange of land for protection and servies?
which code were knights expected to follow?
what was the body of rules and regulations governing religious practices such as marriage?
canon law
what was a lord's estate called?
what was the name for a community of Christian men who gave up all private possessions to serve God?
which leader halted the muslim invasion of western europe at the battle of tours?
charles martel
what was the renaissance a rebirth of?
art and learning
the study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject?
human potential and achievements
for what is the medici family famous?
for being rulers and supporters of the arts
what were desiderius erasmus, thomas more, and francois rebelais?
christian humanists
what was the first full sized book gutenberg printed?
the bible
in what way did leonardo da vinci represent the renaissance man?
he was a painter,sculptor, inventor, and scientist
luther protested the practice of selling indulgences. what was that practice?
the clergy sold pardons that released people from performing penalties for their sins
who declared himself the head of the english church?
henry VIII
what was one of john calvin's major teachings?
who was the important catholic reformer who founded the jesuit order?
ignatius of loyola
what was the chief goal of the crusades?
to recover jerusalem and the holy land from the muslim turks
what problem was identified by church reformers during the middle ages?
(all of the above)
what was teh effect of the 3 field system?
farmers produced more food and villagesrs had more to eat
which of the following best describes the nature of a guild?
an association of people who worked at the same occupation
what did the magna carta guarantee?
basic legal rights
what was the major cause of the great schism?
arguments about which man holding the position of pope was the true pope
what was the name of the legislative body of medieval england?
during the later middle ages, where were most serfs likely to search for freedom?
towns or cities
which group was most responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague to europe?
which of the following was the central issue of the hundred years' war?
the throne of france
what new belief helped buddhism become popular with the masses?
many people could bcome buddhas
what became a closely guarded secret in china?
silk production
how did indian traders affect southeast asia?
they spread indian styles of art, architecture, dance, and religion
what encouraged the rise of the banking system in india?
increased trade
what did indians discover when they learned about the silk roads?
they could profit by acting as middlemen
how did the family structure of some tamil groups differ from the family structure in northern india?
they were matriachal
what scientific concept did indian astronomers prove long before europeans did?
the earth is round
how did empress lu maintain her power?
she named one infant emperor and than another
what did wudi do to improve his system of bureaucracy?
he established schools for job applicants
what did indian civilization experience during the gupta empire?
advances in literature, art, science, and mathematics