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Corpus of civil law was compiled by a commission appointed by____
IN general, Byzantine are depicted
religious subjects
Justinian became emperor of the byzantine empire in
527 A.D.
The first country officially to adopt christianity was
The byzantines were frequently attacked from the east by the
supporters of Leo III's ban on religious images became known as
the primary chronical is a collection of
eastern slavic history tales and legends
after 550 a.d. the major byzantine industry was the production of
The alphabet for slavic languages was devised by
theodora persuaded justinian to ignore his advisers who advocated
fleeing constantinople
the writings of paul and other early christians are collected in
the new testament
the visigoth chief who captured rome in 410 a.d. was
the first emperor of rome took the title of
in 451 b.c. the patricians finally put___
the roman laws into writing
which of the following cultures had begun to form on the italian peninsula as early as 5000 b.c.
the first punic war began when rome resisted ___
carthage's attempt to take the strait of messina
in 53 b.c. julius caesar began a civil war by
crossing the rubicon
the author of confessions, which described his conversion to christianity was
the christian church in rome was probably founded by
the italian peninsula is located ___
at almost the east-west midpoint of the mediterranean
the representatives of the plebeians were called
after defeating the persians at granicus river and at issus alexander and his troops____
headed south to egypt
the oresteia illustraded how
the consepuences of one's actions can affect future generations
the code of conduct still practiced by mocern drs was developed by
the alexandrian author of hte elements of geometry was
ptolemy and his descendents rusled
egypt, libya, and prt of syria
the macedonian king who had conquered most of greece by 338 b.c. was
phillip II
the subject of the Historia was
persian wars
greece's golden age occurred during
the mid 400's b.c.
the earliest greek plays tended to be
the 'dark age' fefers to the period after the fall of
two aegean civilizations that preceded the greeks were the
minoans and mycenaeans
citizens of democratic athens favored lotteries over elections because
elections could ber dominated by the wealthy
words such as police and politics derive from the greek word polis meaning
despite greece's mild climate transport and communication were difficult because
rugged mountainous terrain
minoan civilization flourished between--- and ---
2500 b.c. and 1450 b.c.
spertan men were allowed to retire from the army at age
spertan society was notable for
the emphasis on military and athletic ability
harappa was located in present day
the legal code of hammurabi called for
specific punishment for each type of violation
the existence of trade between the indus valley and mesopotamia is
indicated by the discovery of the harappan seals in mesopotamia
at its height ancient egypt had a population of around
5 million ppl
after conquering lower egypt narmer set up the capital of his gov. at
settlement of the nile valley began around
5000 b.c.
the oldest continuous cvilization in te world is that of
to irrigate crops egyptian farmers relied on
annual flooding of the nile
less is known about the harappans than the egyptians or mesopotamians b/c of
lack of written records
land bridges that allowed migration between places now separated by water fromed during
the ice age
bones found at the hadar site indicate that the hominid there could
walk upright
complex societies with advanced knowledge of farming trade gov are called
cultural ald lifestyle changes of the neolithic revolution were mostly caused by
development of new farming methods
the paleolithic period is characterized by the use of
stone tools
the process by whichpeople become more proficient at earning a living by perfoming a single task is called
specialization of labor
many scientists date the existence of human like creatures to about
4.4 million yrs ago
many archaeologists believe that writing developed from the record keeping of urban
why did the mongols never capture the city of novgorod
in spring the land became an uncrossable swamp
ruler who led the second campaign against the mainland greeks in the persian war
athenian general who led the battle at salamis
hammurabi's code advanced the cause of justice by
making govt resopnisible for justice
how long did odysseus wander after the trojan war before returning to his home in greece
10 yrs
an elaborately decorated book
illuminated manuscript
artwork made of tiny pieces of colored stone
ruled the byzantine empire at its height
largest church in the byzantine empire
hagia sophia
break between the roman catholic and eastern orthodox church
great schism
leader of an asiatic tribe that raided the eastern empire and the larger cities of italy
he married cleopatra
marc antony
a general of the carthaginian army
he is the grand-nephew of julius caesar
laws of rome
12 tables
latin nonles are called
the peninsula in central greece where athens is built
sumerian system of writing
the blind poet wrote illiad and odyssey
leader of a germanic tribe that sacked rome
the scientist who discovered the principles of buoyancy and the lever
the southern greek peninsula on which sparta was built
reigned for 67 yrs
ramses II
divided the roman empire into two administrative units
philosopher who developed a teaching method whereby students could correct their own mistakes
system of gov in which the political power lies in the hands of a few wealthy ppl
place where remains of early homo sapiens were discovered in the late 1850's a.d.
neander valley
the ruler of the greek gods
hippocrates recommended all of the following to promote good health except:
a. regular exercise
b.prober hygiene
c.regular diet
d. plenty of rest
a regular exercise
the period known as the pax romana included all of the following except
a. peace and stability
b. the construction of roads and public buildings
c. flourishing trade
d. a comfortable standard of living for almost everyone
d a comfortable standard of living for almost everyone
he was an early christian scholar
scientist who contributed a code of ethics to the field of medicine
rows of foot soldiers who used their shields to form a wall in battle
wat was the significance ofthe 'lucy' find in 1974
most nearly complete remains of humanlike country
each greek colony kept close ties with its 'parent city' called the
the philosophy of plato the 'real' world could be understood only through
ideal forms
why was constantinople built
located where europe and asia meet
philosopher who wrote about logic science and political science
system of gov controlled by the ppl
homo sapiens are
modern humans
free artisans and merchants who lived in sparta were known as
in the roman family the absolute head of the household was the
wat language ws used in eastern orthodos church
galen and ptolemy were
roman scientists
huge wooden horse tricked them
the most important alloy in early civilization was made by
mixing melted copper and tin
the first persian invasion ended when darius I was defeated at
the punic wars were fought between ---
rome and carthage
which was the first officially christian country in the world
cicero, ovid, horace, and vergil were all
roman writers
ruler of athens throughout its golden age
name meanin 'land between the rivers'
the egyptian god responsible for life, death and rebirth was
greek temples were intended as places
for a god to live
cyril's purpose in inventing hte cyrillic alphabet was to
spread christianity
tiberius, caligula, claudius and nero are
king who lost the battle of thermopylae and helped the greeks win the persian war
a sumerian terraced temple
the everyday writing of ancient egypt is called
who wrote historia the first history of ancient greece based on the fact rather than legend
octavian won control of rome by convincing romans that
marc antony planned to rule w/ a foreign queen
why ws moscow, or muscovy proclaimed the third rome
zarr was regarded as the successor of the byzantine empire