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Type of homo sapien
Homosapien sapiens
1st ppl look like us
Why were paleolithic ppl nomads?
Had no choice but to follow their food
what is the paleolithic age called?
old stone age
what created change in the neolithic revolution?
systematic agriculture
what allowed humans to make settlements
how do historians identify a civilization?
complex cultural
What is anthropology?
study of human life and culture
up right human being
How fast did modern humans spread across the world?
2-3 miles per generation
what is the nickname for the neolithic age?
new stone age
what did farming in mesopotamia create?
What is hammurabi known for
code of hammurabi
what are the 10 lost tribes?
scattered israelites
what is the difference between jewish profits & early religions?
Had 1 god
What kept the Persian empire strong?
What is a theocracy?
Govt by divine authority
who created cunieform writing?
name the 3 major periods of old egyptian history is divided into?
What is the importance of the phoenician alphabet?
we still use it today
who was the king of israle when it was at its peak?
who created the caste system in india?
who was buddah?
siddhartha gautama
what was the silk road?
trade route
the first Han emperor discarded what?
harsh policies
who were the aryans?
indo - european nomads
what did buddah believe caused suffering?
attchment to things of the world
what was india's greatest ruler?
what indian created the decimal system?
What is Dao
Proper way
who were the first humans to use fire?
homo erectus
What is pre-history?
Before age of writing
In 1974 where did they find Terra-Cota warriors?
East of Xian in an underground pit near the burial mound of the 1st Qin Emperor
What is a polis?
For of govt in which a small group of ppl exercises control
How did Plato say you could achieve a good life?
Ideal State
What did the conquest of Alexander the Great create?
Enormous legacy
Eratosthenes - What did he create & determine?
Earth was round and the circumference
What is epicurus? What is stoicism?
*Happy was the goal of life

*School of thought
What was homer's Iliad & Odyssey?
Epic Poems
What did Cleisthenes create?
new council of 500 that dealt with foreign affairs
Who lived on Mt. olympus?
The Gods
Euclid - Wrote a book on elements what was it about?
Who made up the Roman Senate? Patricians or Plebians?
200 Patricians
What is a republic?
A form of govt. where the leader is not a king
What happened to Julius Caesar?
What was Pax Romana?
Time of peace and prosperity
What is the Augustan Age called?
Golden age of Latin literature
who was the first christian empire?
Who split the empire into 4 parts?
At its height how big was Rome's eimpire?
*50 million ppl
*35 million sq miles
What did the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine do to the empire?
They destroyed it
What does the term bread and circuses refer to?
(still have to figure this answer out)SORRY
Who said the unexamined life is not worth living?
(still have to figure this answer out) SORRY
What's an oligarchy?
rule by the few