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How did the greeks express their love of beauty and meaning?
Fine arts, art, painting, sculpting, writing plays,
How did the Greeks honor winners of the Olympic games?
Gave them olive leave head wreaths and had a parade in their honor
During the mid-400's b.c., greek cuture reached its culutral peak particularly in _______. This perioc has been called the ______age. artists excelled in _____ sculpture, and painting. they created works characterized by beautiful simplicity and graceful balance, an artistic style we now call ______
Athens, golden age, playwriting, classical
_____ said the greeks were "lovers of the beautiful" and under his rule the ______ was build
Pericles, Parthenon
Place of worship is called a
where did the greeds worship their gods?
temples, outdoors and in homes
to the greeks the _____ represented the ideal of "nothing to excess" an ideal sometimes called ______ or the midpoint between two extremes
Parthenon, Golden mean
name four types of greek pottery
krater, leythos, amphora, kylix
most greet pottery from the classical period is either _____ on a black background or
red, black on red background
name three artists during the Golden Age of Greece
Myron, Phidias, Praxiteles
Wat was the socratic method
Method of teaching that endouraged students to clear away mistaken ideas and to find the truth
IN 399 b.c. socrates is accussed of wat
"corrupting the young" and "not worshipping the gods worshipped by the state"
____ is born in Athens, he becane a teacher and opened his ______, a school that remained until 529 a.d.
Plato, Academy
_____recorded_____ between Socrates and his fellow athenians
?, dialogue
plato wrote the earliest book on political science called _______
The Republic
The Republic presented a plan for what he considered the ________________ and government
ideal society
He wrote the book Politics
Aristotle opened a school in athens called the
__________ was the first Greek Historian
_________ wrote Historia which is about _______
Herodutus, Persian Wars
Thucydides wrote about the ___
Peloponnesian war
_______ Came up with the idea of a solid particle of matter so small that it was both invisible and not divisible he named this particle the _____
Democtitus, Atom
_________ formulated a theory that water was the basic substance of which everything in the world is made and he fortold ______
Thales, solar eclipses
________the god of wine and fertility. The greeks were the first people to write and perform plays, which they presented ______ a year at festival to honor_____
Dionysus, twice, Dionysus
Aeschylus wrote_____
________ a play by Aeschylul shows how the consequences of one's deeds are carried down from one generation to another
__________, a play by Sophocles....about Oedipus kiliing his father and marrying his mother
Oedipus Rex
__________ wrote the Trojan Women...which shows that war does not prove his plays he focused on the qualities hman beings possess that bring disaster on themselves
_______ a play written by Aristophanes where he makes fun of people in athens
The Clouds
The olympic games started in ____b.c. at _____ in honor of _____
776, Olympia, Zeus
The greeks believed the human mind was capable of understanding ____
________means the seeking of wisdom or truth
Those who study philosophy are
The science of reasoning is ___
Pro. teachers, sophists, meaning ____ claimed they could find the answers to _____ they rejected the belief that the gods influenced ________. did not believe in absolute moral and legal standars, instead, they asserted that _________ nd that truth is diff for each individual
"knowers", All questions, Human behavior, "man is the measure of all things"
_____ born in 470 b.c. in athens he was a sculptor by trade. he believed in _________ truth rather than relative truth.
Socrates, absolute
______ tried to explain in mathematical terms as he developed geometry theorems and taught the _______
Pythagorus, ?
______is called the "father of medicine"
WHat three things did the "father of medicine" advocate for patients
Proper hygien, sound diet, plenty of rest
Traveling pro. teacher of relative truth_____
author of the Republic
Capital of Alexander's empire
Appealed in vain for greek cooperation
Narrow-necked pot
What is a pentathalon
event w/ 5 events: running, jumping, discus, wrestling, and javelen
Designed parthenons sculptures
wide-mouthed jar
critic of materialism
developed the syllogism
three greek sculptors
Mryon, Phidias, praxiteles
he advocated rest hygien and good diet
son of Olympias
three domain rulers
Ptolemy, Selecus, antigonus
what is the temple to athena
battled the Seleucids for Jerusalem
Juda Maccabbees
Name a comic playwrite
mathematician who explained triangles
Philosopher who was sentenced to death
student of plato, tutor of alexandria
a teacher using the socratic method would
ask questions and make student logically explain their answers
Ptolemy and his descentants ruled
egypt, libya, partof syria
Name thre greek tragedians
aeschylus, sophocles and euripides
the alexandrian author of The Elements of Geometry was
the construction of the perthenon began in
447 b.c.
the translation of the hebrew bible in to greek was done by jewish scholars in
the code of conduct still practiced by modern drs. was developed by
unlike much other greek pottery a kylix was often decorated with
scenes of every day life
three truths of aristotle
studied w/ plato for 4 yrs.
tutored alexander
wrote/edited more than 200 boooks
the oresteia illustrated how
the consequenses of ones deeds are carried down from generation to generation
the sculptures of praxiteles reflected
changes that occurred in greek life
thucydides historical technique was revolutionary b/c he
offered explinations of why things happened
after defeating the persians at the Granicus rver and at Issus, alexander and his troops headed or trutrned to
at his trial socrates argued that
a person who knew what was right would always do what was right and intellectual search for the truth was the most imp. thing in the world
the first greek scientist, thales, formulated a theory that
water was the basic substance of which everything in the world is made
the earliest greek plays tended to be
name three things that alexander the great accomplished
conquered Persians at granicus R. and one at Issus, captured seaports of phoenicia
the first historian to try to separate fact from legend was
greeces golden age occured the mid
400's b.c.
name three things that characterized the hellenistic age
art, literature, science, medicine, math
the architecture of the perthenon was notable for itts
sculptures and beauty
subject of Historia
Persian wars
the hellenistic philosophy advocating the avoidance of both joy and pain is called
sophist teaching can be characterized as
"man is the measure of all things''
mixture of greek and middle eastern culture that formed during and after alexander is called
hellenistic cutlure
macedonian king who had conquered most of greece by 338 b.c. was
Phillip II
plato preferred the spartan gov. to that athenian b/c
he thot the state was more imp. than the ind.
three true things of olympics
in olympia, every 4 yrs, in honor of zeus, pentathalon