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One of the local representative councils formed in Russia after the downfall of Czar Nicholas II
A Russian national parliament formed in the early years of the 20th century
One of the organized campaigns of violence against Jewish communities in late-19th-century Russia
A group of revolutionary Russian Marxist who took control of Russia's government in November 1917
Bloody Sunday
* January 22, 1905
*workers marched to palace to ask for better working conditions
*instead they were shot by the army
Provisional Government
A temporary government
Command Economy
An economic system in which the government makes all economic decisions
A member of a class of wealthy Russian Peasants
Goals of the Five Year Plan
*biggest goal = modernize Russia
*have government control all of the economy
*strengthen the national defense
*increase output of steal, coal, oil, and electricity
Great Purge
A campaign of terror in the Soviet Union during the 1930's, in which Joseph Stalin sought to eliminate all Communist Party members and other citizens who threatened his power
Socialist Realism
A style of art in which Communist values and life under communism are glorified
*self described "holy-man"
*claimed to have magical healing powers
*tried to trick Russian Royals
*killed by nobles - poison
V. I. Lenin
*major leader of bolsheviks
*flee Russia and went to western Europe to avoid arrest
*maintained contact with bolsheviks
*waited to return to Russia
Nicolas II
*son of Alexander III
*believed that he had all power
*not aware of the needs of people
*caused them to revolt
Sergey Witte
* Czar's minister
*raised taxes
*Red guards made up of factory workers stormed winter palace in November 1917
*pushed for building Siberian Railway
(foreign investments and production of steal)
Alexander III
*Czar of Russia
*believed he had all power
*imposed censorship of documents
*monitored schools
*sent political prisoners to Siberia
*targeted Jews as enemies
Joseph Stalin
*quiet man who didn't receive alot of public notice
*changed name from Dnhugashivili to Stalin ( man of steal
*killed millions of Russians
*said he was Russia's "savior"
*Russians were not prepared for WWI
*Germans were able to inflict heavy casualties on them through the beginning of the war
*Russian people wanted out of the war
*Lenin signed a peace treaty with Germany that made the Russian people very happy
Goals of the 5 year plan
* biggest goal = modernize Russia
*have government control all of the economy
*strengthen the National defense
*increase output of steal, coal, oil, and electricity