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Spartan men were allowed to retire from the army at age
in most greek city-states before 500 b.c. voting rights were usually extended to
land owning white men
most greek goods were transported by
the women allowed greatest participation in athenian public life were members of
minoan civilization flourished between
2500 b.c. to 1450 b.c.
hellenic traditions and stories were recorded in epic poems by
solon promoted the growth of athenian indusrty by
cancelling debts
the period of from 461 b.c. to 429 b.c. is the Golden Age of athens because during this time
~Athena rebuilt
~Parthenon built
~Achievements in arts and science
Despite greece's mild climate, transport and communication were difficult because
mountains to the north and sea to the south
all the following is true of Mycenaeans EXCEPT...
a. their kingdoms centered around hilltop fortress
b. they intermarried with local Hellenes
c. they adopted aspects of minoan culture
d. they conquered Dorians around 1100 b.c.
D. conquered dorians around 1100 b.c.
Anti-Persian alliance is
Delian league
where olympic champions usually came from
Location of athens
greek hiding place during trojan war
Trojan Horse
Greek City-states in asia minor are called
HEad of the greek gods
site of minoan civilization is
Knosses, on crete
hill in center of greek city is called
where leonidas made his valiant stand
tried and failed to defeat the athenians
words such as police and politics derive from the greek word polis meaning
the greeks adopted a money economy during the
600s b.c.
the minoans did not need to build walls around their cities because
ships guarded crete
citizens of democratic athens favored lotteries over elections because
all citizens were competent to hold public office
a major factor in greece's victories during the persian wars was
the ruler who introduced laws establishing the Athenian democracy was named
most of the greek mainland is made up of
fermers on the greek mainland could concentrate on growing export crops because
city-states provided grain
all of the following are true of Spartan women EXCEPT...
a. they married much later than most greek women
b. they had greater personal rights than most greek women
c. they trained in gymnastics, wrestling and boxing.
d. they had limited voting rights
d. they had limited voting rights
two Aegean civizations that preceded the Greeks were the
minoans and the mycenaeans
list three things about the Golden age of Athens
1. Achievements in arts and sciences
2. pericles led athens through golden age
3. Athens rebuilt
4. parthenon built
From 500 b.c. to 336 b.c. many greek city-states were ruled by a small group of wealthy people
the 'dark age' refers to the period after the fall of the
Draco's code of law was considered an improvement because it
~gave certain punishments to crimes, so aristocrats couldn't dictate whats legal and illegal

~was written down