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Middles ages
n. the era in European history that follwed the fall of the Roman Empire lasting from about 500 to 1500- asl called the medieval period
n. a religious community of men called monks who have given up their possessions to devote themselves to a life of prayer and worship
canon law
n. the body of laws governing the religious practices of a christian church
a code of behavior for knight in medieval europe, stressing ideals such as courage, loyalty, and devotion
a body of officials who perform religious services-such as priest, ministers, or rabbis
a political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to their loyalty, military service and protection of the people who live on the land
an estate granted to a vassal by a lord under the feudal system in medieval Europe
a Germanic people who settle in the Roman province of Gaul (now is France) and established a great empire during the Middles Ages
Holy Roman Empire
an empire established in Europe in the 10th century A.D originally consisting maily of lands in what is now Germany and Italy
in medieval Europe an armored warrior who fought on horseback. they began training at the age of 7 and by 21 they become a full knight