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Differing Views of Human Rights XX
During the 1960's the worlds different interpretations of the idea of civil rights was tested. Torture, death squads, and terrorism were all becoming common place in Latin America and many nations. Although there are some 160 nation who have signed a "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" the great question seems to be to what extent are dfinitions of rights determined by culture. There are no specific powers of enforcement in the global arena therefore it becomes extremely difficult to intervene internationally. Instances like the U.S./Contra affair where the U.S. ignored the human rights of the sandanista's in Nicaragua and funded the Contra's under the argument that there were fight the bigger battle of communism. This is far to common during the 20th century.
160 U.D.H.R.
Rise of Japan 1870-1941
Japanese rose to world power 1870-1941 by economically buidling industries and sponsoring rapid expansion. demographically the population soared accompanied by a great deal of geopolitical guidance by the govt. They developed a powerful army & navy to compete on the global front. There advancement led the country to develop a superior attitude toward other asian nationalities. Their greediness over land in China and oil in India brought them into WWII, however their division on their military forces caused them to lose WWII.
Results of WWI
WWI caused the internall weakening of Europe and propelled U.S. into military dominance on the global front. After 1918 the previous dominant Euro forces were obliterated or paupered. Japan was relatively successful but did not gain the power they desired and were ignored which caused a hostility toward the west that would be acted upon during WWII. U.S. was the big winner but untimately had no interest in power at the time (1920's party). The destruction of Euro left nations vunerable and looking for answers. Hitler took advantage of this and set the ball rolling for WWII.
1918 who loses who wins
Russo-Japanese war
Russia and Japan fought the Russo-Japanese war @ Tushima from 1904-05. The countries clashed over interests in Korea which symbolized both sides growing importance in world affairs. The result was the first time that non-white beat whites and fueled Japans rise as a world power.
1904-05 whites vs. nonwhites
The Marshall Plan and Nato's purposes
President Truman resides over the cleanup of WWII which consisted of the Marshall plan in 1947 that financially assisted Euro nations rebuilding after the destruction of WWII. And NATO was formed in 1949 to 1)keep Russia out of Europe 2)keep germany down in Euro and 3)keep U.S. in Euro. The U.S. intent was to rebuild Euro power and independence but Russia saw Marsahll and NATO as a vehicle for American economic dominance of Euro, Russia was pissed and ignited sparks that led to Cold War between Russia and U.S.
piss off R = cold war
The Feminie Mystique and Am Feminisms "mistake"
Betty Freidan published The Feminine Mystique in 1963 voicing the increased dissatisfaction of Am. women with the inequalities of gender roles in society. Launched a new wave of womens rights. It did however completly ignore those women who were happy with the housewife role therefore alienating much of the female population of the time. Equivilant to the modern day battlecries of Hillary Clinton "I don't do cookies" that diminishes women who don't desire to be powerful doctors and lawyers. Causes even more dissatisfaction among gender. Women fighting men is nasty enough, but women fighting women is worse.
1963...B.F...H.C...women vs. women
The "decline of the West"
Western nations began their cultural, political and economic decline of power in the world during the 20th century. Westernations inflicted the most harm on themselves (WWI WWII) spent energy beating up on each other. Internally many nations decayed with the emergance of pop culuture and changing values. West demography also showed lower birth rates and longer life expectancies raising the overall age of the population. Decline of west opened door for other nations to emerge as world powers. Japan, China...
20 cent...WWI&II...internal decay...west demography
Meiji Restoration
Meiji Restoration in Japan 1868-1880's, led by Mutsuhito abolished fuedalism, increased centralized power and economic and social change. Japan developed a new policy of studying Western success and imitating policies while still retaining its own regional identity. Prepped Japan for rise to world power in 20th century.
fuedalsim...central power economic and social change
1968 is a year that can be described as really sucking on the U.S. homefront. The year began with the American public witnessing the true horror of vietnam as the TET offensive was broadcast on Television. MLK and Bobby Kennedy were assasinated and with their deaths the country lost two uniters. The result was the election of Nixon as president who was anything but a uniter that the nation needed. The U.S. was ripped apart internally and lost its faith in itself after 1968.
TET...MLK...Bobby Kennedy...Nixon
Sputnik was the first satalite sent into space in 1957 by the Russian government headed by Khruschev. Part of Russia's competitiveness with the U.S. fueled by the Cold War. Proved to expensive for the Russian economy and as economy failed to compete with the U.S. the Cold War also ended.
1957...Khruschev...compete w/ U.S.
Liberation Theology
Liberation Theology involved christians and their increased concern for social justice. Parallell to Social Gospel...feed crying baby. Contra vs. sandanistas in Nicaragua. Liberation theologists would up supporting radical reform governments which provoked attacks against clergy and nuns.
Latin Am...Contra...sandanistas
Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985 and instigated glasnost=political reform and perestroika=economic reform. Despite reform economy remained stagnate and ultimately caused minority and nationality uprisings. Policies had more effect on smaller states outside of Soviet Union who strived for own reforms and independence.
1985, Gorbachev
AO of Japan
After dropping of Atomic bomb ending WWII American soldiers remained in Japan 1945-1952 to supervise selective westernization. Their Goals were to disarm, purge the militists, reform land, and reform universal suffrage. It was dangerous to disarm army and unemploy peasents who knew how to use guns. America wanted to keep an eye on Japan and make sure its power did not rebuild to rapidly and become to much competition like pre-WWII. The occupation of Iraq today is modeled after our occupation of Japan, though two different nations, with two very different results.
1945-52...disarm...purge reform...universal suffrage
M.A.D. is an acronym for the Mutually Assured Destruction that created world tension between Russia and U.S. during Cold War. Both sides had 7,000 nuclear weapon and had a finger on the "trigger". U.S. develops counter missle attacks and eliminates M from MAD. The danger is assuming hte other side is rational and does not want to die. Extremely volitile in today's terrorists world with radical terrorist groups that don't care if they die.
R & US...7, terrorists
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
quintesssentially english in awkwardness and practical character
established art school in england
The Oath of the Horaii
anticipated French Revolution...Father holding swords...illustrated differing roles of men and women=upset
Epitomized neoclassical style (authoritative and impeccably composed)
The Governess
represents leaving toys and games of the past behind and traveling into the unkown...balance of sense and sensibility of 18th century...timelessness of subject matter
The Raft of the Medusa
broke new ground into controversial realm of art as political protest
the hinted cannibalism, desertion, and despair was a metaphor for the corruption and despair of France after the Fall of Napoleon