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Disparate (adj.)
diffident; incompatible; unequal
Disseminate (v.)
to spread the seeds of something; to scatter; to make widely known
Dissipate (v.)
to thin out, drift away or dissolve; to cause to thin out, drifty away or dissolve; to waste or squander
Dissolution (n.)
the breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration
Distend (v.)
to swell; to extend a great deal
Distinguish (v.)
to tell apart; to cause to stand out
Docile (adj.)
easily taught; obedient; easy to handle
Doctrinaire (adj.)
inflexibly commited to adoctrine or tehory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic
Dogmatic (adj.)
arrogantly assertive of uproven ideas; stubbornly claiming that something is beyond dispute
Domestic (adj.)
having to do with the household or family
Dormant (adj.)
inactive; as though asleep; asleep;
Dubious (adj.)
full of doubt; uncertain
Duplicity (n.)
the act of being two-faced; double dealing; eception
Ebullient (adj.)
boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant
Eccentric (adj.)
not conventional; a little kooky; irregular
Eclectic (adj.)
choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
Edify (v.)
to enlighten; to instruct, espeically in moral or religious matters
Efface (v.)
to erase; tpo rub away the features of
Effusion (n.)
a pouring forth
Egalitarian (adj.)
believing in the social and economic equality of all people
Egocentric (adj.)
selfish; believing that one is the center of everything
Egregious (adj.)
extremely bad; flagrant
Elicit (v.)
to bring forth; to call forth;
Elliptical (adj.)
oval; missing a word or words; obscure
Elusive (adj.)
hard to pin down; evasiv
Emigrate (v.)
to move to a new country; to move to a new place to live; to expatriate
Eminent (adj.)
well known and respected; standing out from all others in quality or accomplishment; outstanding
Emprical (adj.)
relying on experience or observation; not merely theoretical
Emulate (v.)
to strive to equal or excel; usually through imitation
Encroach (v.)
to make gradual or stealthy inroads into; to trespass
Endemic (adj.)
native; restricted to a particular region or era; indigenous
Enervate (v.)
to reduce the strength or energy of, especially to do so gradually
Enfranchise (v.)
to grant the privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote
Engedner (v.)
to bring into existence; to create; to cause
Enigma (n.)
a mystery
Enormity (n.)
extreme evil; a hideous offense; immensity
Ephemeral (adj.)
lasting a very short time